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FS2002/0 Rans S-9 Chaos. The S-9 is a homebuilt kit plane that can be assembled in 300-500 hours. Capable of 4 g's+ and 2 g's-, this nimble little craft is aerobatic if equipped with an aerobatic fuel system. Powered by a Rotax liquid cooled 582. Made and designed by rans14. 587K

FS2002/0 Rans S-16 Shekari. The S-16 is a two seat, homebuilt aircraft. Designed by Randy Schlitter and pakaged in kit form at Rans Aircraft Co. in Hayes Kansas. The average build time is 500-1000 hours. The S-16 is powered by a Continental IO-240 engine. Made and designed by rans14. 876K

FS2002 MUDRY CAP 10B by Gary Myers The CAP 10B "Mudry" was first built in 1967 and saw it's first successful flight in August of 1968. It is an all wood construction, 2 seater aerobatic trainer that is also used in competitive and exhibition flying. The French Air Force also uses it to select and train future fighter pilots. Designed for FS2k2 using FSDS by Gary Myers. 2.8MB

FS2002/0 Vari-Eze The Vari-Eze was designed in 1974 by Burt Rutan. The first Vari-Eze (Model 31), registration number N7EZ, was built in 1975 and was powered by a converted Volkswagen engine. The second prototype, registration number N4EZ, was completed in early 1976. This model used a Continental aircraft engine, giving it more horsepower, faster speed and longer range. N4EZ is also the prototype of Model 33, which was offered in kit form to amateur/home aircraft builders. Rutan built the Vari-Eze to prove that the canard concept would be safe and popular with civil aviators. FSDS model, textures and airfiles by "Rans14". 778K

FS2002 Aeronca Chief 11AC (1946) This FSDS project has transparent windows and moving parts. It includes Yannick Lavigne's excellent Chief panel . By Paul Clawson. 1.1MB

FS2002 PRO Dehavilland DASH8-Q202 Horizon Air Reg ID:N350PH Ver 6 with new FS8 Pro FD, Full Moving Parts, Night Effects and more. Design: Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 261K

FS2002 Beechcraft Baron 58 repaint. Textures only. This is a repaint of the default Beech Baron in KLM luchtvaartschool colors. Original Textures by MS, this one is Painted by Ritsaart Kreiken. 1.8MB

FS2002 EMB-120 LAM-Linhas Aereas de Mozambique Short haul bi-turboprop aircraft, moving parts and night effects. Painted in metallic colours. Photoreal Classic Panel and default Sound. Original by Jean-Pierre Brisard/Tony Bolton Panel and Paint by Mario Coelho. 1.8MB

FS2002 PRO DeHavilland DASH8-102 Air Canada JAZZ Reg ID:C-FABA A New Brand Name for the merge of airBC, airNova, airOntario, and Canadian Regional In Air Canada's new JAZZ livery being introduced April 2002. Ver 6 with new FS8 Pro airfile, Full Moving Parts, Night Effects. Design: Barry Blaisdell Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 430K

FS2002 Pro Beech King Air 350 Default Repaint Jurassic Park 3 repaint. Textures only. This is a repaint of the Jurassic Park 3 King Air that Dr. Grant was in when the crashed on Isla Sorna this Aircraft also comes with Dino Damage. Repaint by Jared "allosaurus" Stucki. 1.3MB