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FS2002 PRO Beechcraft B1900 Twin turboprop passenger and freight transport. Air Labrador Reg_ID: C-GLAL This aircraft is based in Goose Bay, Labrador New Ver 6 design including, full moving parts and night effects. Designer: Barry Blaisdell Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 346K
FS2002 PRO Dornier 228 A rugged STOL aircraft ideal for operating from remote airfields. Painted in the colours of the virtual Independent Airlines from South Africa. Features full moving parts. By Bjorn Buchner. 508K
FS2002 PRO Dehavilland DHC6-300 Twin Otter. Allegheny Commuter Reg_ID: N103AQ. This aircraft was operated by Ransome Airlines in the 1970's & 1980's as part of the Allegheny Commuter network. Aircraft Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell, Livery & Night textures: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 353K
Antonov An-14 “The little bee” original GMax model and textures by Anton Nikolaev “Xomer” . 1.2MB
FS2002 Piper Cherokee 180 Repaint. This is a repaint of the default Piper Cherokee 180 in a Green & White fictional livery. Also included is a modified copy of the default flight dynamics which I think is more realistic. Repainted with reflective textures. Textures and modified Flight dynamics by Andrew Esselbach. 528K
FS2002 PRO CC-138 Twin Otter Ski ver Canadian Forces 440 Transport & Rescue Sq Tail No_ 13804. Based in Yellowknife, NW Territories. All New Ver 6 Aircraft with FS2002 Airfile with Full Moving Parts and Night Effects. A/C Design & Paint : Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 231K
FS2002 PRO Beechcraft B1900D ver6 Great Lakes Aviation Special Livery Collection, Reg_ID: N255GL "Standard Livery", N220GL "Sternberg Museum", N251GL "Grand Teton", N254GL "Crane Dance", N240GL "Devils Tower". With full moving parts and night effects. Designer: Barry Blaisdell, Paint: Bob May, Premier Aircraft Design. 701K
FS2002 DORNIER D28d Skyservant package. This is an all-new original flight simulation model. It was created using gMAX. All textures are original and were created in Corel & PhotoShop. Some of the gauges are stock FS2002 pro gauges while many others were custom made using Blue Sky's Easy Gauge. The, gear suspension, wheels and passenger door are animated as well as the usual gear, flaps ,slats, and control surfaces & 3Liverys. The Model has been tested with FS2002 Pro & Eng. Model, animation, panel © Anthony Konstantinidis.Textures by © Bill Yannakos. 8MB
Fix for DORNIER D28d. This update fixed the ailerons and some textures, for FS2002 DORNIER D28d Skyservant package (above). © Anthony Konstantinidis. 569K
Cresent Airways repaint of default C-172. Per Mogensen. 1.5MB
FS2002 FMA-BEECH T-34A ARGENTINE AIR FORCE Argetina has been the largest operator of the Mentor in Latin America,with deliveries totaling 90 T-34As. The first 15 were flight delivered from the factory, in Wichita Kansas, while the remainder were assembled at the FMA (Fabrica Militar de Aviones) installations in Cordoba. Designed by: Ignacio Alfredo Mendive. 526K