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FS2002 Pilatus PC7 Turbo Trainer. Version 1.0. This model has been fully constructed with FSDS v2.11 and it uses many common parts from my Pilatus PC9 Project. Sounds and Panel alaised with the Default Cessna 208. The Pilatus PC7 Turbo Trainer originally flew on April 12 1966, this initial version was essentially a modified Pilatus P3 with a 550SHP PW&C PT6A-20 Turboprop, this initial version failed to attract any sales until 1975 when the PC7 appeared with the PT6A-25 engine (of 650SHP) and a whole host of improvements. Since that time the PC7 has proven to be a capable trainer, and has since been superseded by the more capable PC9, and recently the PC-21, however the PC7 still continues to serve well in the training role of various air force's worldwide. Model,Textures and Flight dynamics By David Friswell.3.6MB
Great Lakes Aviation / United Express Beechcraft 1900D Original Aircraft Design by Mike Stone.(one available here)Repaint by Ray Brower Textures and Model files only, requires the Beech 1900D by Mike Stone. 1.9MB
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer RAF for FS2002 . Twin piston engines plane productions of Scottish Aviation Ltd. (UK-1956). In textures RAF, full animation. Autor - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 486K
AMP 20 LIONCEAU Package. AMP. 20 Lionceau roars officially to Issoire, France, since May 17 1999. This revolutionary carbon fibre aircraft has unique flight characteristics & was born by the spirit of Philippe Moniot. Certified day VFR only. Author: Eric Dantès. 3.6MB
FS2002 Beech Baron 58 Brandweer PH-EVL textures for the default FS2002 Baron. By Emiel van Lent. 1.8MB
FS2002 NEW H.A.F. Canadair CL415 textures, representing the CL415 sn 2054. Our first model IS REQUIRED (215HAF02.zip). By FREEWARE AIRBORNE GROUP (Dimosthenis Chouliaras). 551K
British Airways Jetstream 41. Jetstream 41 model by Tom Woods Repainted by Ashley Flynn. 553K
Great Lakes Aviation / United Express Beechcraft 1900D textures & Mdl files only. Original Aircraft Design by Mike Stone. Textures and Model files only, requires the Beech 1900D by Mike Stone. Repaint by Ray Brower. 1.9MB
FS2002 Grumman G21 Goose v2. A Gmax model in private livery. Model includes full range of animation including accurate flaps and landing gear, plus opening doors and cockpit windows. And for an added touch, the copilot turns to look out the open window. Also includes night lighting and textures and a simple custom panel. By Mike Stone. 481K

FS2002 Convair CV-340 Frontier Air Lines Package. Built by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. Repainted by David Grogg. Panel by Greg Pepper, Allen Jennings, and Tom Gibson. Flight Dynamics by FSAviator. 11.3MB