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Scenery Page 17
FS2002 Additional KSAN Gates This fille will add several dozen gates, cargo, and parking slips to KSAN I have added about 97% of all the gates to San Diego Lindbergh Field. It's only missing two that I know of. Josh Liste. 5K
FS2002 Tweek for Teesside Airport in the north east of england (EGNV) it adds more realistic gates and more small aviation parking around where the flight schools are. This file is for use with AFCAD by lee swordy its By Colin Keightley. 4K
FS2002 - 'Gaia Mesh System' FRANCE - ANDORRA - CHANNEL ISLANDS - BENELUX Demo. This demo Cover Cover N45 W3 to N42 E0 in on the North Western Part of France. Part of the Package 'FRANCE - ANDORRA - CHANNEL ISLANDS - BENELUX' . Full Package is Available at Fsfreeware.com as Low Price Payware Scenery at US$ 9.99. By: Fsfreeware Group and Raimondo Taburet. 1MB
FS2002 Additional KSAN Gates v. 1.4 The Tower view should be fixed now. v. 1.3 This fille will add several dozen gates, cargo, and parking slips to KSAN.This file is for use with AFCAD 73K
FS2002 Replacement AutoGen Vegetation Textures Modified from Microsoft's AutoGen SDK FS2002 Scenery. Microsoft released the FS2002 AutoGen SDK on 18 April and included a superb set of replacement texture sheets for the Autogen vegetation. Unfortunately there was a small error in the summer textures, so here is a corrected copy. Installation is easy and doesn't need the AutoGen SDK itself (if you're not into designing your own scenery). It greatly improves the appearance of FS2002 (both versions) in all parts of the world. By Gerrish Gray (but it's mostly Microsoft's work, not mine). 1.7MB
Update: Textures missing from NWTSP2K2.ZIP (above) FS2002 Northwest Territories, Canada By Bill Freeborn. 2.6MB
KNZY - Naval Air Station North Island: AFCAD file v. 1.2 KNZY was a major project; this file adds more then 50 parking slips/gates/docks for aircraft ranging in size from small prop planes to military cargo airplanes.This file is for use with AFCAD. Author: Josh Liste. 1.7MB
FS2002 Las Americas International, Santo Domingo. (MDSD). 1.3MB