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Gates and parkings for Las Vegas, McCarran Intl. This is to be used with AFCAD. Plus the longest runway is used for landings and the shortest for takeoffs. The AI will line-up correctly and fairly straight with the default gates!! 43K
AFCAD created scenery for Australia. This is to be used with AFCAD. Created By: David Friswell Using: AFCAD v1.1 by L Swordy AI traffic and increased Parking Spaces for Mildura (YMIA), Albury (YMAY), Williamtown (YWLM), Essendon (YMEN), Wagga Wagga (YSWG) and Melbourne (YMML). Requires, AFCAD v1.1 and additional scenery as denoted in the readme file. David Friswell. 570K
All ArrCab Carriers -- complete improvement package v3. More persistent scenery, more carriers, fixes, etc. Textures included. 18 carriers across the world. v3 adds a couple of missing textures. by Rich Hogen. 3.2MB
The Pirellone Installation: (The Pirelli Building, Milan) Grattacielo Pirelli is one of the most important buildings in Milan.It was built in 1959 by Gio Ponti and Pier LuigiNervi.With its 32 floors is the tallest building in Milan. scenery by Luigi-Andrea Colman (Axel),2002. 214K
Additional Gates – Miramar San Diego Dual Runways AFCAD File (KNKX & 2NKX)This is to be used with AFCAD. These two AFCAD files convert Miramar (KNKX) to be able to use both runways for departure and arrival at the same time. KNKX has a total of 40 parking spaces for small to medium sized aircraft. 2NKX is a new airport and has a total of 40 spaces for medium to heavy sized aircraft, 15 of these spaces are designated for heavy jet parking. These two files create an airport that does not exist in real life. The parking is not what you would find at the "real" Miramar airport. For that please locate my original Miramar file entitled: Additional Gates – Miramar “TOP GUN” Flight School circa 1986 (KNKX) Author: Josh Liste. 19K
FS2002 Los Angeles International (LAX) Scenery Enhancement, By Bill Melichar This is a new update to my previous LAX2k2 scenery! During a recent flight out of LAX, I noticed some faults that I made in my first LAX scenery enhancement LAX2k2.zip. This is a whole new enhancement which once again does the inside of the airport more properly placing the palms in clusters at the corners of the parking structures as they really are. I've also made the lighted entry pylons much taller, and rounder, and in a larger circular pattern resembling the real ones. One of the newest things I added to this enhancement was to place concrete tarmacs at the gates around the main terminals, something I could not get Microsoft to do. This scenery also includes a much better grass texture, and I've also added a section of the 405 Freeway going both directions to make for more dramatic night landings. A section of Century Blvd. has also been added going around the airport over to Linclon Blvd. 360K
Teesside EGNV V.2 This is to be used with AFCAD. tweek for Teesside Airport in the north east of england (EGNV) it adds more realistic gates and more small aviation parking around where the flight schools are.I have used CAA documents as a reference so this file now has the same radio frequencies as the real thing and the real stands in there respective places. By Colin Keightley. 4K
Imperial Beach NOLF San Diego AFCAD File (KNRS) – This is to be used with AFCAD .This file edits KNRS - Imperial beach NOLF NAS in San Diego CA USA. It adds 27 parking spaces, suitable for smaller aircraft such as turbo props, learjets, and/or smaller aircraft. This is a perfect airport to house your private fleet of learjet's and/or to practice touch-and-go landings. With great views of the pacific ocean to the west, Downtown San Diego to the north, Mexico to the south, and desserts of Borrego Springs CA to the east, this edit makes KNRS a nice little gem of an airport. Author: Josh Liste . 24K
FS2002 - 'Gaia Mesh System' Canada Demo. This demo Cover N53 W129 to N52 W128 in on the North West of Canada. Part of the Payware Package 'Gaia Mesh System' Canada . By: Fsfreeware Group and Raimondo Taburet. 369K
FS2002 A.I. trafficplans & additional Gates for Brunei International Airport by This is to be used with AFCAD A. I. Hj. Jumat. 106K