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FS2002 Kona International Airport, at Keahole, Hawaii.......KOA By: Bill Melichar This scenery is a complete makeover of the standard FS terminal. This airport is probably the most beautiful in the world, and I set out to make it as original as possible. Since there are no finger gates, or very few at this airport, I have lined up stairways to meet some A1 aircraft. The entire airport is open air, and resembles a shopping mall in a park like setting. The architecture is a series of Hawaiian style huts, with an overall feeling of being in a Hawaiian village. It is located on the exclusive Kona Coast on the big Island of Hawaii. 1.9MB
Add gates and fix the taxiways at San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin Intl at Puerto Rico. For use with AFCAD available here This file is ONLY for use with sju2000.zip.(SAN JUAN 2000 By:Efrain Ruiz)By:Esteban Aldarondo and Omar López. 52K

FS2K2 Only Scenery: Lost Cove Float Base, BC. By Ron. Vorak " Lost Cove Float Base" In British Columbia (Canada)Is just 93.4nm North of Vancouver B.C.on a Heading of 301degrese.Take off from the Vancouver Airport,climb to 6000 ft,turn left to 301 heading north for a sightseing flight to Lar's Float Base.Featuring a lodge for over night accomidations,a landing strip for those that don't have a Float Plane.And a restfull Experince.A great Stop Over,and Rest From those long Flights Between cities.Also Great Free sight seeing Along the way. 1.8MB

Update: Lost Cove Float Base Fix By Ron.Vorak. These are the Missing Textures for Lost Cove Float Base. 177K

Landclass Scenery - Tasmania (version 2) This is an update from my original Version and has had many changes and is now even more realistic for those that love VFR flying !! Copyright:Ian Thatcher. 94K
Heybridge Airfield - Tasmania This Airfield is located between Devonport and Wynyard Airports, includes full textures and AFCAD file. The add-on looks best using my landclass Scenery (taslc2.zip) You can find all my updates and add-on sceneries at my web page. www.devtas.net/tassie_airports.htm Copyright;Ian Thatcher. 1MB
CFS2/FS2002 Philippines mesh. ver 1.5 High-resolution, hand edited mesh for the Philippines. LOD 9 3.75 arc second resolution. The 4 bgl files cover the entire area. By Rolf Keibel (VF2_Rolf). 20MB
Additional Gates – San Diego, Lindbergh Field CA (KSAN) v1.8. For use with Traffic Tools available here. Author: Josh Liste. 25K
Additional Gates – Brown Field, San Diego (KSDM) v1.5 Description of content: v1.5 Update: Allows operation of commercial sized jets at KSDM. This is accomplished by closing rwy 26R for landing and forcing all aircraft to land on 8L. In addition, several of the parking spots have been converted to allow for parking of commercial jet sized aircraft. Install with AFCAD v1.2.2. Joshua Liste. 8K
AFCAD file adding some extra gates at FAJS. Designed on SA2002 scenery by South Africa Virtual Scenery Design (http://www.savsd.co.za/). Jaco Smit, 5K