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FS2002 Lanai Airport, Lanai City, Island of Lanai, Hawaii PHNY r Description: This scenery completely redoes the entire airport at Lanai, but keeps the same basic layout as it is in FS2002. It includes a new terminal, which is much nicer than the one that is really there. I've also added a small hangar area and fuel tanks, an 8,000 foot runway, and a taxiway, so it is now able to accommodate jet airliners. By: Bill Melicha. 1.5MB
A basic compilation of afcad files for airports either existing or converted as new in the Aleutian Island chain. best to use with dave ericksons alaska docks 2,( page 4 of fs2k2 scenery on simviation.), THE DOCK PARKING IS REAL GREAT TO HAVE.YOU CAN HAVE FLOAT PLANES GO TO THESE LOCATIONS USING TRAFFIC TOOLS, AND THEY WILL APPEAR AT THE DOCKS IN WATER. PLANES WITH LANDING GEAR LIKE CESSNA 208 DON'T SINK IN THAT WELL YOU CAN SEE WHEELS, BUT OTHERS APPEAR TO FLOAT. ALEX WATTS. 185K
FS2002 Scenery - Moser Bay, Alaska Located at the south end of Kodiak Island this is an enhancement of the default seaplane base. This scenery is fictional but it is very loosly based on what you would find there in reality. There are five start locations, two on land and three on water. Many custom objects were created for this project. Photoreal textures with seasonal and night lighting changes. by Tom Fica. 3.4MB
Lambeau Field Add on for FS2002 Scenery File to add Lambeau Field to FS2002. Created with Gmax. Tested with FS2002 Pro but should work with other versions of MSFS. Created by:Mark Sternig. 508K
FS2002 - ThomasBridge - Queensland This is a small private general aviation and sports airfield located to the South of Brisbane, Queensland - comes with Full Textures, new runways etc. Steve James Copyright: Steve James. 1.4MB
Missoula Intl Airport and Smoke Jumper Headquarters, Montana, For FS2002 By Dave Erickson Description: This download replaces the previous Missoula Intl Airport and Smoke Jumper Headquarters. It should correct any building crash problems some users have experienced. In addition it will add the town of Libby to the FS2002 default terrain. Install as you would normally, but make sure you check out the "readme too" file in the included "Landclass" folder. For FS2002 by Dave Erickson. 1.8MB
FS2002 Scenery Lyon - St Exupery Airport Realistic freeware scenery for the main Lyon's airport. Saint Exupery is one of the biggest airport in France, located in the south-east of the country. By Yannick Mille. 1.2MB
FS2002 SCENERY - BONAIRE - Caribe. Flamingo International Airport (TNCB), Bonaire Island, Netherlands Antilles. This is the first Caribbean Scenery from my project Caribe_2002. The Bonaire Island is close to Aruba and Curaçao, just above Venezuela. This scenery is frame friendly and has specially built night textures. By Carlos Pereira. 2.7MB
TDS Hispaniola V1.0 14 Seaplane Bases with Helipads 14 Seaplane piers, mostly ficticious locations in the Dominican Repubic and Haiti area, but fun nevertheless for seaplane and helicopter pilots alike. All sites have helipads and start locations. Uses NOVA textures. Second in a series by Kyle Ramsey. 2.6MB
This file is for use with AFCAD (here) by lee swordy its a tweek for RAF Leeming in the north east of england (EGXE) it adds evrything it needs to activate the base. It is not true to real life but as there are no blister hanger areas i have had to use dissused runways. This file adds 62 mixed ramps. By Colin Keightley. 74K