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Scenery Page 40
CARRIER ILS SYSTEM FOR CARRIER CVN-64 NEAR SAN FRANCISCO This file adds an ILS system to the carrier near San Francisco. It is not visible at the GPS. ILS freq is 109.70, OBS course is 333. Autopilot approach: select the NAV option on your autopilot, when you're turning final select the APR option. The autopilot will get you on the deck. Pim Hesse. 29K
BahamasAir - Worship Intl CJCR - Eleutheria Island, Bahamas. FIRST IN THIS SERIES FOR THE BAHAMAS: ALL TEXTURES INCLUDED (day and night). Terrain mesh by tabu included. This edition features many new and replaced buildings with actual airline logos. Cruise and container ships, full night lighting throughout, still friendly frame rates. Eye candy all over the place and covers some 55 sq mi area. Full macro credits included featuring the latest available to this date. BahamasAir and Richmond Air virtual airline contacts included. Compliments West End, Sunrise, and Rock Sound Intl sceneries. Terrain elevation data by "tabu." UNZIP to desk top. Simple instructions included. A total of over 550 hours have been spent on this airport with the past year with well over 10,000 downloads to date. Thank you. - jimmy R martin. 10.5MB
Gulf Rigs. A number of rigs (9) in the Gulf of Mexico including Eugine Is. South Marsh Is., Vermillion, Ship Shoal, Tenneco and more. Compliments the Louisiana Helicopter Series by C.Young. By Steve Chase. 187K
West End, Eleutheria Is Bahamas (compliments CJCRba) This nice remake includes the latest objects available this date. More ships, parking area for aircraft with fuel area and car rental. ILS. Compliments latest Worship Intl CJCRba download. Unzip to desktop first. jimmy R martin. 2.4MB
FS2002 Scenery - Caribbean #1. Tired of flying over open ocean from Miami, Nassau, and Eleutheria Island in the Bahamas? So was I. This places some night lit ships on your route. Also added some ships to Miami harbour area which will not mess with other scenery developers scenery. The very latest in ship & boat macros are used. First in a series for the Caribbean. APT files are included for developers only. Credits inside. jimmy R martin. 754K
FS2002 Scenery - Paris, LFPG Airport Airport of Paris - Charles de Gaulle This new version of RealCDG has been fully modeled with Gmax and the scenery SDK.This freeware is for Fs2002 only. By Yannick Mille. 2.5MB
FS2002 New Orleans Helicopter Scenery # 8 by C.Young. Every installment is stand alone. This installment includes Petrocom Company in Harahan, La. with two offshore cellular platforms, Pontchatrain Beach Amusement Park, Jefferson parish Sheriff's Office 3rd District Helipad, and Jefferson Parish Fire Training Academy along with 3 new emergency LZs. 1.1MB
FS2002 scenery - Triegen, Switzerland. (Triengen has the shortest hard runway of Switzerland (295 m - 960 ft). The scenery can be use also without Switzerland 2002. Includes seasonal textures, photoreal buildings and smoke effects. By Swiss FS Team. 3.5MB
FS2002 scenery - Motiers and Montricher, Switzerland Two small airports exclusively used by gliders. Grass Runways. Includes seasonal textures, photoreal buildings and smoke effects. By Swiss FS Team. 2.5MB
FS2002, Rarotonga International Airport, Cook Islands. NCRG By: Bill Melichar This scenery adds a new realistic terminal and hangar area to the airport at Rarotonga. This is a small airport with an adequate runway to handle large airliners. The scenery also includes some static aircraft in the liveries which service this airport. It has subdued night lighting, aircraft stairs and service vehicles, gas tanks, and tropical landscaping to make you feel like you are there. 1.2MB