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FS2002 Scenery New River Texture. Most of the rivers in FS2002 are too narrow. This replacement texture gives you a more realistic look. By: Holger Busekros. 132K
FS2002 SCENERY Fed-Ex Hub (FDEX), Greensboro NC (USA) This is a complete upgrade of my previous file. You should first remove my old file (KGSO) from your scenedb folder before installation. oTHERWISE some interesting building arrangements will show. Active jet uses new runway, ATIS, tower, ground, ILS, etc all work. Designed with FSDSA & Airport 2.60. - jimmy R martin. 41K



FS2002 Scenery Paris-CDG Airport First part of RealCDG project which add the CDG2 terminal to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.This freeware is for Fs2002 only. By Yannick Mille. (see part 2 below) 977K
FS2002 Sabiha Gokcen International Airport-LTFJ (Turkey) This scenery enchances the default form of Istanbul's second international airport.Includes realistic buildings, all taxisigns, taxilines, precise apron markings, flashing lights at runway entries, corrected navigational aids, and much more.Scenery files are clearly identified for vehicles and static aircraft which can be omitted to trade frame rates if required.Charts can be found at www.trvacc.org. By Baris Unal. 1.4MB
FS2002 Scenery - CARIBBEAN Blackpoint International (BYE6) I was exploring the islands west of my Worship International and noticed even with all of the good MS default 2002 scenery and buildings there just were no airports large enough to land most aircraft. These are fun islands to explore. Jimmy Martin. 43K
FS2002 Autogen Conifer Tree Replacement Pack. A set of seasonal replacement textures to greatly enhance the quality and realism of the FS2002 auto-gen default conifers. Two sets are included: Standard 512x512 bitmaps, (no framerate hit), and Deluxe 1024x1024 bitmaps,(slight framerate hit), with enhanced resolution for high end users who want the ultimate in realism. Also increases conifer numbers by 4 to 1. Freeware by Ed Truthan. 2.9MB
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada for FS2002 Saint John is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick. This is a new and updated version for FS2002 with many new, improved and realistic buildings. This scenery was created using AIRPORT 2.6, VOD and Nova Gold textures and EOD Brian Magee. 1.3MB
FS2002 Scenery Paris-CDG Airport - Statics This add-on add some static aircraft and ground vehicle to CDG2 airport of RealCDG project. RealCDG1.zip needed. (above) This freeware is for Fs2002 only. By Yannick Mille. 603K
Caraibi Seaplane Stations - II Folder - for FS2002 PROFESSIONAL (or English version) - 3D\Night Texture\Seasons tree texture. This is the second Caribbean Scenery folder of Saplane Stations. The location of these sceneries is in any case based on mere immagination: I've never (sob! .:-) travelles beyons Europe; therefore the reality of caribbean locations was picked up from touristic folders, FS Navigator and the data taken out FS2002. This file contains the SeaPlane Stations, of St Croix, Anegada, Anguilla, Saint Barthelemy, Antigua and a Oil Platform for Helicopters plus the seaplane station. Made by Carlo Benenti. 542K

FS2002.Scenery. Sheremetyevo Airport (UUEE). Russia. Welcome to Moscow! FS2k2 version -ILS now in the correct place, compatible with default IA dinamyc scenery, custom textures for russian trucks and bus (LIAZ),Ikarus, fixes some bugs, modifies runway lighting, adds some other improvements: static aircrafts and ground trucks of two- home and international terminals, maps( pdf). Frame rate is friendly!!! By Gary V. 4.2MB

FS2000 version 1.9MB