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FS2002 HOLGER LAKE in the Tatshenshini Park area of British Columbia, Canada Canadian Bush Scenery. Located in the higher elevations of British Columbia, Canada lies Holger Lake, a very popular, but secluded tourist spot. Only one way inů..by plane (or helicopter!). Featuring a modest, lighted, dirt runway as well as covered plane ports and a covered water hanger with tie downs and storage. A large full service guesthouse with a porch for relaxing and viewing the northern lights (when in season). By : Michael Carr. 4.2MB
FS2002 Scenery AFCAD for Phoenix 2003 These files create 5 overlays for Sky Harbor airport (KPHX) in Phoenix Arizona (available previous page) .This will allow the assignment of correct gates and parking for airlines that use KPHX.AFCAD and Traffic Tools are required to use the files (get 'em here if needed) .For use with kphx2k3.zip. By Gary D.Jones and Steve Grumbach. 26K
FS2002 Selfridge ANGB, Michigan. Selfridge ANGB is loacated in Mt. Clemens Michigan, about 20+ miles north of downtown Detroit. It is home to the Michigan T'wolves (f-16C's), a refueling and an airlift wing. It is operated by the National Guard, but all services of the military take up residence there, including the Coast Guard. By Matt Magner. 471K
FS2002 Utility - Coast-Line-Maker V2.0 Utility for easy manipulation of FS2002 roads and coastlines. Features a graphic-oriented design screen, allowing easy placement of line segments; requires no user knowledge of programming or assembler files. Auto aligns line segments with land/water polygons and automatically generates VTP/LWM assembler files. New version has additional features, improved functionality and revised fully illustrated documentation. Replaces COASTLMX.ZIP / COASTLM1.ZIP. V2.0 28th February 2003. By Iain Murray. 3.1MB
FS2002, El Toro International Airport V3, Orange County, California........ETI....KNZJ By: Bill Melichar This is my proposed version of what a new large state of the art airport would look like on the former El Toro Marine base. It has been completely reworked and laid out to make the best use of the site for a commercial airport. It is comparable to LAX in size, and is still expandable. It has 91 gates, two luxury airport hotels, an airport office complex, a cargo area, hangar area, and the Irvine Spectrum entertainment complex. It also has a park running through the center of the airport with parking structures, and some unique building designs. Eye candy abounds here, and there are thirteen removable static aircraft located throughout the airport. 4.7MB
Madeira Airport. (new runway 23-05) for FS2002 March 5, 2003 Scenery created with FSSC scenery creator. I took a chance of making this new airport and runway, even though this is my second scenery but since I worked at Madeira on the construction of this runway in real life I got to know it pretty good, 2 years going and coming to Madeira so......here she is !!! By Alberto Isea. 4.8MB
US Air Force bases. Here are a few Air Force Bases, including one Coast Guard Base, for those who like fly military aircraft from military bases. In this version you have Edwards (KEDW)(CA), Travis (KSUU)(CA), Dover (KDOV)(DE), McGuire (KWRI)(NJ), Maxwell (KMXF)(AL) and Tyndall (KPAM)(FL) Air Force Bases and Elizabeth City Coast Guard Station (KECG)(NC). Maxwell is totally redone, while the others are enhancements of the default scenery. Requires AFCAD, Traffic Tools, ASDv2.1 textures. (here)LAGO's FSSE recommended, but not required. by John B. Loney. 161K
FS2002 AFCAD file for LSGG (Geneva-Cointrin) by David Gauthier (cointrin.zip). Accurate gates and taxiways, download scenery from fsnordic.net. Requires AFCAD (here). By Ross King. 5K
FS2002 AFCAD file for LOWW (Vienna-Schwechat) by Philip Zajicek, Steffen Siegl (pfsloww.zip). Accurate gates and taxiways, download scenery from fsnordic.net. Rwy 11/29 for Takeoff, rwys 16/34 for landing. Requires AFCAD (here) By Ross King. 8K
Gibraltar is located off southern Spain & is still governed by the UK. This version gives a more detailed rock of Gibraltar overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. In this version 2, I added more buildings and fixed the water surrounding the area. Designed useing photos and personal experiances. This scenery includes full night lighting. Created with FSSC. By Michael Magner. 480K