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Scenery Page 62
TTools update for FSTraffic 2002. Update to allow compatability between TTools by Lee Swordy and FSTraffic 2002 by Just Flight. If you are having problems using TTools after installing FSTraffic 2002 you need to read this. Simple text file which contains instructions on what to do to allow it to work. by Nick Black. 3K
Update for RAF Brize Norton for FS2002. Update to allow Brize Norton v3 scenery by Nick Black (here) to be used in conjunction with British Airports-Central Region by JustFlight/Gary Summons. Simple Text file with instructions on how to correct problems which occured when trying to use both scenery files. By Nick Black. 2K
FS2002 Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base. An accurate model of Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base as it appeared in early 1969. Huge by Thai airbase standards, Udorn was the home of the USAF’s 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance/Fighter Wing (one of the outstanding combat units of the Vietnam War). Udorn was also the headquarters of the 56th Special Operations Wing (Air America). Secretly owned by the CIA, Air America conducted covert operations in Laos. The sprawling Air America complex occupied much of the southern part of Udorn. This is the second in a series of Vietnam War era Thai airbase models. George Knowles. 2.5MB
FS2002 Celle/Scheuen Scenery A gliding field near Celle, Northern Germany All necessary files included. Scheuen.exe guides you through the installing process. By Arne E. Ehlers. 1.1MB
FS2002 Holtorfsloh Scenery A gliding field about 30 kilometres southeast of Hamburg, Northern Germany All necessary files included. Holt_03.exe guides you through the main setup. By Arne E. Ehlers. 1.6MB
FS2002 EDVU Scenery An airfield about 30 kilometres south Lüneburg, Northern Germany. All necessary files included. EDVU.exe guides you through the main setup. By Arne E. Ehlers. 987K
FS2002-scenery. Uruguay VFR Scenery. Features the cities of Colonia, Montevideo Piriapolis and the rich & famous resort of Punta del Este. Includes the ports and many custom buildings. It does not include the airports. By Jorge Pagano. 1.6MB
FS2002 Polynesia Seaplane Stations - 3D\Night Texture. All Seaplane Stations are equipped with Radio Assistence, which can be found either on the enclosed file .txt (in Scenery folder) or during the flyng phase with the option "world\Map sight" or on the "GPS" Made by Carlo Benenti. 1.4MB
FS2002 --Stellenbosch Airport (FASH), Australia - serves Stellenbosch and Somerset West region. This busy general aviation airport has one runway 01/19. The facility is situated in the heart of the Cape wine region halfway between Somerset West and Stellenbosch. Requires ASDv2.1, Nova and Nova Gold textures. In memory of Springbok pilot Johan Swart "Oompie". By Werner Hendrikz. 363K
FS2002 Scenery - Toumbaal Airstrip NSW Coast Australia Located on the New South Wales coast of Australia between Sandon and Brooms Head, a 15 minute flight up the coast from Coffs Harbour. Toumbaal Airstrip is set on a 200 acre private estate surrounded by the Yuraygir National Park which is New South Wales' largest coastal park. This is a grass/dirt strip...your a/c will kick up gravel from the runway, the real thing is no different. 208K
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