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Scenery Page 67
FS2002 Southern Brazil Cities. . Upgrades the cities of Florianpolis, Navegantes-Itajai, Balneario Camboriu and Porto Alegre.Adds bridges, roads, villas, custom buildings, new textures, landmarks and more.Porto Alegre hosts the World Social Forum each year. It does not include the airports. By Jorge Pagano. 1.9MB
FS2002 Rosario, Argentina. The scenery Upgrades the city of Rosario, the 2nd largest in Argentina. Includes several landmarks like the Flag's Monument, RosarioCentral Stadium and the newly constructed Rosario-Victoria Bridge . It does not include the airport.By Jorge Pagano. 1.1MB
FS2002 Total Kai Tak Scenery Package This is the first release of the total package containing the first work-in-progress version of the scenery. The package contains much more than just a Kai Tak scenery. As well as detailed and authentic scenery, the package contains full working comms and navaids, a custom AFCAD file, TTools data for AI, Runway Approach Charts, a real-life video clip of a Cathay 747 on the IGS and much more. As such, it represents a complete momento of this totally unique, now almost completely destroyed airport. 12.6MB
CFS2 / FS2002 Formosa (Taiwan) Mesh. Here is LOD 8 scenery mesh for the island of Formosa (Taiwan). The Mesh is built up from SRTM 3 arc second data using SRTM To BGL V1.04. Compiled by Gavin Cole. 2.7 MB
FS2004 or 2002 scenery - Arecibo Observatory & surrounding hills, currently operated by the Cornel University, is a big object in the Arecibo area, in Puerto Rico, and can be seen from quite a distance. It is close to the Arecibo airport, ICAO designation ABO (ARE in FS2002). The observatory is used for radio-astronomy, and the spheric dish is 304 metres in diameter. ("Spheric" as opposed to "parbolic"). The "receiver-transmitter" is in a gondola suspended over the dish by three sets of cables, which are suspended from three towers. The Microsoft FS2004 site has testimonials claiming the existence of the observatory, but it only exists in FS2000, where it is quite poorly done. Author: Fern Marques. 111K
FS2002 Portland International Airport and downtown Portland, Oregon, USA. Andrew Niiranen. 1.6MB
FS2002 KGEG Terminal Spokane International Airport by Andrew Niiranen. 401K
FS2002 Itumbiara airport Scenery - SBIT - Brazil (Hidroeletrica SBIT). I've added the hangar, a Control tower some trees and a parking area, and now you can see the Paranaiba River, and the two bridges as well.. By Leandro Maldonado. 835K
FS2002 Coche Airport, Venezuela Designed by Jaime Ortega. 2.3MB
FS2002 CIUDAD BOLIVAR, Venezuela. Designed by Jaime Ortega. 2.3MB
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