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FS2002 Flight Selector Utility. Allows selection of the start-up "flight" before running the simulator. Requires Visual BASIC 4.0 drivers. The text file includes instructions for making AI aircraft flyable in FS02. By Chuck Dome. 29K
FS2002 Keyboard Commands. Print out copy of all key commands for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 in .doc, .txt, and .html formats. Jeffrey (Ranger) Hendricks. 16K
FS2k2 Scenery Manager V1.5 SP2 Full version of the FS Scenery Manager, SP 2 is included. New: Cache entry manager for fS2002. By Michael Garbers 01.11.2001. 2.4MB
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Keyboard Reference Here is a keyboard reference for Flight Simulator 2002. After hours of cutting and pasting I managed to squeeze everything onto a single page. Microsoft Excel format. 15K
FS2002 Lighting Effects After installing these effects you are able to see the lighting system of your aircraft (beacon, strobes and navlights) from inside the aircraft (cockpit, virtual cockpit). By Marcel Felde. 10K
FS2002, FS2000, FS98, FS95, CFS, CFS2 WipeGauges 2002. This utility remove gauges unused by FS games. Allow scan, select, delete and backup all unnecessary gauge files. Preserve default gauges with customizable gauges list. By Felipe Torrezini. 2.2MB
Random Weather Generator for FS2002, creates lots of different weather areas depending on the location of the airport, online help for almost every step, many ways to create weather, even for the whole world, weather reports for each airport, print weather reports. Free for registered users of WETTER 2000. Shareware with most features working, registration includes code for WETTER 2000. FS98 users please download WETTER28.ZIP (freeware now!), by Klaus Prichatz. 1.3MB
Speech Buddy v1.0. SpeechBuddy is a Voice Recognition program that runs in the background and allows you to 'speak' key-commands. A virtual Co-Pilot if you will. You can tell 'em to raise gear, set flaps, pretty much any key-command that exists in FS2002 can have a voice-command assigned to it. *Update for FS2002 by Michael Tucker*. 209K