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FS2002 Scenic Tour Of The World Flightplans VFR These 44 Flightplans Will Take You To All The Main Areas Of Scenery In The FS2002 World. Starting And Finishing At Manchester U.K You Can Use Whatever Aircraft You Like. Varys From Short To Long Haul Journeys VFR Version . IFR Version Available. 121K IFR Version Available.117K
FS2002 "MEXICANA AI FLIGHT PLANS" by Luis Nieto Gama. 6K
FS2002 Lakefront to Baton Rouge Second in a series of GA AI flight plans for the USA. This is between Lakefront (KNEW) and Baton Rouge (KBTR). Please use the readme file as instuctions for use. Remember! Eye candy is good! If you can think of a couple of airports that can use some traffic, just get ahold of me. For use with the latest version of TrafficTools for FS2002 by Lee Swordy. By Steve Burnett. 34K
FS2002 KLM summer 2002 flight plans, which are only for use in Flight Simulator 2002 the KLM flight plans are available for download now. This is the first in a long stream of the real world flight plans that happen in the world around us that happen every day. Once the traffic has been downloaded, a html file guides the user telling him/her how to install the plans. Word from The AITG says that a big UK airline will be released soon, along with a small no frills airline. The times in the KLM plans have been taken from the real world schedule, and converted by Peter De Bock.
Newcastle AI: This file is for use with AFCAD by lee swordy its a tweek for Newcastle Airport in the north east of england (EGNT) it adds more realistic gates and more small aviation parking around where the flight schools are. By Colin Keightley. 4K
Dutch Language only ILS GUIDE! (FS98/fs2000/fs2002/Fly!/Fly2/FU2/FU3/Xplane) This zip file includes a guide, "how to use ils" This file is in Dutch! It explains how it works and how to use! For all kind of flightsimulators, like FS98/FS2002/Xplane and more! By Frank Elfert
ILS tutorial. This tutorial explains how to use ILS (Instrument Landing System). Word Document. The tutorial is in English. By Frank Elfert. 1MB
Dubai international airport (OMDB) Flying and navigational charts! These charts have been compiled from info that i have researched from my own home, these charts are freeware and must not be used in any way to make profit. Contains: ILS, SID and star Allan Macmillan. 131K
Transatlantic Flight! Ready to get a full eight hours under you belt? Well join me as you learn to fly across the Atlantic in a b767. This route is a copy of an exact flight from which i compiled. Depart Manchester to Barbados and learn how the real guys do it up in the business end of the aircraft you fly in. This is from a flight onboard a b767 of air 2000, exact copy of flight plan and route, even uses real world weather. Also, download the Thomas Cook b767 from Simviation .com and use it for this flight. Thanks and enjoy Allan Macmillan. 568K
FS2002 Airport's Chart Viewer v2.5 This program will generate and display a map of all taxiways (with ids), airspaces, gates, parkings, ILS and runways of any airport of the FS2002 world. Also, it displays the current altimeter setting. Allows chart printing, view two airports charts almost at same time. This version has new features. Compatible with Win95, 98, 2000, XP. By: Manuel Ambulo. 4.8MB
Sid's for Manchester International Airport (egcc) UK Includes sids for runway 24r. These charts are for fs2002! So i havn't included the new runway as it doesn't have any taxi ways in fs2002! All charts give a detailed description of which route to follow and what speeds and altitudes to hold. Allan Macmillan. 4K
FStarToFS2K Version 1.0.4 September 2002 Jeppesen FliteStar to Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight Plan Conversion Program. This Program provides the possibility to convert Jeppesen FliteStar(R) 8.x Version Flight Plans to Microsoft Flight Simulator(R) Flight Plans, thereafter called MS FS Flight plans. Conrad F. Staeheli. 1.3MB
FS2002 FS Flight Tracker V5.1.1. More than a log, automatically record: aircraft type, aircraft reg number, airline + flight number , out, off, on, in times + fuel, aircraft weights. block time + fuel, flight time + fuel, origin and destination ICAO airport codes + names, weather. Report time in local or Zulu (GMT). Report fuel in lbs, gal or kg. Shareware with ten use evaluation period ($14.00 US registration). By K. D. Lovell. 8MB
Dubai International airport FS2002 ILS Traffic help system. This file is for AFCAD in FS2002 (AFCAD here) . This adds markers on the approach to ILS 30R at dubai and this helps to keep aircraft a safe distance apart as they line up for the approach. The markers will be displayed on the GPS map, this means you no longer have to perform Go-arounds all the time, only sometimes depending on the air traffic. Enjoy! Allan Macmillan. 7K