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Vintage Page 19
FS2002/CFS2 Douglas B-18A "Bolo" This version of the B-18A is painted for the 21st Recon Squadron, Neutrality Patrol, Florida, Jan. 1941. It is a FSDS2 project with full moving parts, opening bomb bay, transparent windows, Nav lights (FS2002) and a specular color shine. Chuck Selby's C-47 panel and a .dp file are included. By Paul Clawson. 704K
CFS2/ FS2002 Polikarpov I-16 Tip 17 version 1.0 This Polikarpov I-16 Tip 17 painted as: 1.Snr Lieutenant M Vasiliev, 4th Guards Regiment, Baltic Fleet, Stalingrad, Spring 1942 I welcome your comments, Ivan Hsu-archi. 4.3MB
FS2002 Braniff Airways Douglas DC-2-112. This aircraft, NC13727, entered service in 1937. Braniff flew it for only two years before it was lost in a crash at Oklahoma City on March 26, 1939.Based on the DC-2 "Uiver" package by Rob Cappers, Don Incoll, Rob Bosman, Jan Visser, Steve Small, Fred Banting, Dai Griffiths. Braniff textures by Kristopher Crook. 4.2MB
FS2002 deHavilland DH89 Dragon Rapide. Features a basic panel, dynamic shine, 3 textures and a detailed model. By Daniel M Dunn. 3.7MB
FS2002 deHavilland DH89 Dragon Rapide Extras. Requires TLUKdh89.zip. features 2 new texture sets, updated dynamics and revised model. By Daniel M Dunn. 1.8MB

Revised FS2002/CFS2/FS2000 Arado 234 B-2a Jet. WW2 Luftwaffe Arado 234 B-2a twin engine turbojet of world war II. The Arado 234 B-2 was used for high altitude reconnaissance and bombing duties. This is a repaint of Hauke Keitel Arado 234 B-2. I have added authentic Jumo Turbo Jet engine sounds, engine flame effects, retounched skin colors, navigation lights and smoke effects. Enjoy, Original by Hauke Keitel, repaint by Ted Tingus. 11.2MB
FS2002 Douglas DC-3 Mandated Airlines VH-MAL This aircraft was previously 'Betsy', the founding aircraft of Cathay Pacific Airways. Here she is in the colours of Mandated Air Lines of Papua New Guinea, registration VH-MAL, 1955-1963. The thumbnail shows her as at 15 September 1960, when her co-pilot mistook the Captain's raised thumb on the starboard throttle as a signal to raise the gear. She came to an inglorious halt 2,700 feet from the start of her take-off run, severely damaged. Based on Jan Visser's legendary DC-3 model for FS2000, updated for FS2002, this model includes transparent cabin windows, nightlighting, lit 3D interior with opening passenger door, boarding ladder and other details. Includes FS2002 lights fix by Paul Pridmore. Default panel and sound. Repaint by Mark Beaumont. File name: DC3MANDA.ZIP. 2.9MB
FS2002 Pro/CFS2 Consolidated P-30A The P-30A (or PB-2A) was the first USAAC fighter to have a retractable gear and a turbine driven supercharger. It was also the last of the 2 place USAAC fighters.This FSDS2 project includes moving parts, including a spining turbo, transparent glass, crew figures, nav lights (FS2002 only) and a specular color shine. A vintage style panel and a .dp file are included. By Paul Clawson. 611K
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