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FS2002 Aeronca C-3 (1936) This all new FSDS project for FS2002 has moving parts and includes a real 2 cylinder sound file provided by Michael Clarke and a panel based on a real photo provided by Brian Higginbotham. By Paul Clawson. 762K

FS2002 - 1903 Wright Flyer This 1903 version includes a flight set to December 17, 1903. Also included is their "hanger" and the launch rail at Kitty Hawk, NC. By Paul Beardsley. 1.2MB

FS2002 CONSOLIDATED B24D FS2002 B24D, this model is an orphan created by Phil Cruikshank and found in Freeflight Design, and it is fully animated including openning bomb-bays, rotating top turret,light effects, rudder, flaps, aileron, elevators, it also has a detailed cockpit interior with pilot figures and three different textures with nose art work duplicated by myself of actual pictures, also, includes a sound file by Aaron Swindle, and a B24 panel by Dave Haskel, and smoke effects. By: Rey Lopez. 3.1MB

Part 2 517K Update

Part 3 Sounds 5.6MB

Part 4 Gauges 1.1MB

FS2002 B-29 FIFI. Designed with FSDS Pro. by Mr. Graham (first name not available). Reconfigured & enhanced by Rey Lopez. 3.1MB


FS2002 Only - Stearman Kaydet This is completely new, highly detailed model for FS20002. Model includes 4 texture choices: U.S. Navy N2S-3 , Pre WWII U.S. Army Air Corp, PT-17 Boeing Stearman (silver) and civilian colors. Also includes sound package, full virtual cockpit and full moving parts. By David Eckert. 6.7MB

FS2002 Junkers Ju-52 Lufthansa Full package: FSDS model, Lufthansa 1935 colors, (1024x1024 16-bits textures),ju-52 radial engine setting and sound,panel & gauges, realistic virtual-cockpit, black smoke, lights, moving parts, rolling wheels.by Pierino Primavesi. 5MB

Spitfire Mk XIV (bubble canopy, photorecce version) For FS2002 Pro. Adapted for FS2002 from an original CFS2 model by Andrew C. Wai. Some minor 2k2 alts by Robin Ritchie. Features : Sliding canopy - activated by using the spoiler key Blinking strobe lights Moving pilot. 1.1MB

FS2002 De Havilland Tiger Moth RAF DH82a DE-208 and DH82 K4242 Highly accurate Gmax model, with good flight dynamics. Two versions are included - a 1937 DH82 in RAF training yellow and a 1942 DH82a in WW2 colours. Includes a basic Tiger Moth panel (needs FS2000 Spitfire.gau and Hurricane.gau) and Gipsy Major sounds by Mike Hambly. Model, Animation & Panel by John Woodside. 3.6MB

FREE fix for Abacus's add on PBY Catalina for fs2002 (payware aircraft from abacus). This fix allows the Catalina's to function properly in fs2002 which were designed for fs2000. By Daryl Reseigh. 1.6MB

B-26C15 "Big Ass Bird" for FS2002. This model has a dynamic virtual cockpit, lighting, rotating wheels, and moveable bomb doors. A damage profile is included for CFS2 operation. B-26C-15 S/N 41-34938 "Big Ass Bird" created April 6, 2002 FSDS Model created by W. E. Stephens and Textures by W. E. Stephens. 5.2MB