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FS2002pro Douglas DC3 Daisy This aircraft is operated by swedish Flying Veterans. They keep it in mint condition. Daisy is former SAS Fridtjof Viking and swedish airforce TP79006. Daisy is painted in SAS old livery with the blue dragon. I am sorry to say i didn't got permission to include panel and sound. So the panel and sound can be downloaded at http://www.dc3airways.com/ Org.airplane is a work of Jan Visser repaint by Ronny Olofsson. 3.4MB
FS2002 Pro Douglas B-23 "Dragon" Bomber The B-23 was the bomber version of the DC-3, but much slimmer and more powerful. This FSDS project has moving parts and transparent windows. A DC-3 panel by Samuel Linell is included. By Paul Clawson. 668K
FS2002 Grumman F3F-2 This airplane is painted to match the 5th section flight leader of VF-2 assigned to the carrier Lexington in 1939. It has moving parts including rolling wheels and a linear sliding canopy. By Paul Clawson. 1.4MB
Curtiss CW-22B Falcon Cuerpo AeronŠutico del Peru The Peruvian Aeronautical Corp received in 1942 20 Curtiss CW-22B Falcon, basic trainer used also as observation plane and dive bomber. This model represents an airplane belonging to the 28th Training Squadron, based at Las Palmas, Lima, 1943. Sergio de la Puente. 185K
CFS2/FS2000 P-51D Mustang This is a North American P-51D Mustang from WWII. Photo realistic textures have been used wherever possible.This aircraft has D-Day invasion stripes denoting its' use in the European theater. This is a highly detailed, fully animated model by Bruce Thorson/Roger Dial and features a custom sound set by Mike Hambly. Reworked textures by Gary D.Jones. 2.6MB
FS2002 AIR NORTH DOUGLAS DC-3 DAKOTA registration CF-CUG/CF-OVW. Air North had four DC-3's in service. These models are painted in the Lady Lou and Yukon Sourdough liveries. Model features moving flaps, ailerons, landing gears, elevators, rudder and night textures. Design, flight dynamics & base textures by Rey Lopez, repainted by Richard McMaster. 4.5MB - see update below
FS-2002 Beriev Be-12 "Tchayka" ("Mail") - hydroplane of russian navy (Black Sea fleet). Full animation (all moving part, wheels, doors) Gmax-model, panel, opportunity of landing on a ground and on water. The author - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 1.3MB
FS2002 AIR NORTH DOUGLAS DC-3 DAKOTA fix. (aircraft above) Improved night textures and gauges for registration CF-CUG/CF-OVW. Design, flight dynamics & base textures by Rey Lopez, repainted by Richard McMaster. 4.1MB
Fs2002 AN2 - FSA : SP-FSA Private Aircraft livery. Designed by Paul Clawson - paint by Pawel Kliczka. 652K
1939 Vought SB2U-1 Vindicator for FS2002 This FSDS version of the Vindicator is painted for the 2nd Section Flight Leader of VB-4 assigned to the US Ranger. It has transparent canopies, moving parts including spinning wheels and an accurate canopy slide. Chuck Dome's SBD panel is included. By Paul Clawson. 463K