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Helicopters Page 32
FS2004 Bell 206B Desert Cammo Textures only. Default B206 Textures. Frank Ovenden. 1.7MB
FS2004 Bell 206B Desert Antarctic Textures only. Default B206 Textures. Frank Ovenden. 1.8MB
FS2004 Hovercontrol Bell 412 Personal Edition Virtual Belgium Airforce Textures only. Requires the Hovercontrol 412 Personal Edition by Jordan Moore found here: (External link - please report if broken) repainted by Martin Standaert. 1.4MB
FS2004 Boeing Chinook Virtual Belgium Airforce Textures only. Requires the Boeing Chinook Helicopter.v1.1 by Mark Adams and Tom Woods here. By Martin Standaert. 272K
FS2004 Westland Wessex Belgium Textures only. Repaint of the FS2004 Westland Wessex Royal Air Force Package. by SimShed here: This is not exact the same as the real OTZKH due to the fact the original whas the HSS1. Repainted by Martin Standaert. 4.8MB
FS2004 Hughes OH-6A "Loach". Winner of an U.S. Army competition for a light observation helicopter, the Hughes OH-6A saw widespread use in Viet Nam a an aeroscout, often working with AH-1 Cobras and Aero Scout Platoons. Small, nimble, and easy to maintain, the OH-6 still serves as a trainer for future MH-6 Series "Little Bird" pilots." This model of a Nam-era OH-6A includes VC with custom gauges, and two paint schemes. Tim Conrad. 8.8MB
FS2004 Hughes MH-6C "Vee Tail" Only used by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment to train future A/MH-6J "Little Bird" pilots. Called "Vee Tails" due to the origional OH-6A style tail. This model has VC and some extra gauges. Can be used without my earier OH-6A release. Tim Piglet Conrad. 4.5MB
FS2004 Hughes OH-6C Police and Border Patrol Textures only. These are repaints for Tim Conrad's Hughes MH-6C "Vee-Tail"; requires MH-6C.ZIP (above). The repaints consist of two variants of the Gainsville Police Department and one variant of the US Border Patrol. The interior may need some correction. By Jorg Sparbrodt. 10.8MB
FS 2004 Sikorsky CH-53 ALF Air lift force Allied Command Europe Mobile Force 'Aceforce'. Model Developed by Rory Kelly. A workhorse helo. Includes sound, panel, ramp, door ect.. Textures by Martin Standaert. 10.3MB
FS2004 AS 350 Ecureuil OE-XKM KTM racing. Repaint of this amazing helicopter into fictional colours of Dakar rallye challenge 2007 for technical support of KTM racing team. Model by Tamas Nemeth and Peter Nemeth. Repaints by Batki Zoltan and Tamas Nemeth 2D main panel background by Batki Zoltan. 20.7MB