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Helicopters Page 35
FS2004 Gauge: VTOL/Hover for Fairey Rotodyne. This freeware gauge adds new VTOL & Hover features to Kazunori Ito's Rotodyne. Besides true vertical takeoff&landing, it allows you to fly forward, backward, sideways and turn, while in a hover. This solution is based on overriding the normal FS flightdynamics while in a hover; in short, it's a VTOL&Hover FDE coded in a gauge. Special thanks to Doug Dawson, who created a gauge that provides for overriding FS2004 variables from an XML gauge. Requires FSUIPC (registered or unregistered, here). The README includes extensive installation and flying instructions. By Rob Barendregt. 46K
FS2004 Agusta 109 Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance G-WNAA Textures Only This texture is for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance G-WNAA c.2006 scheme. Original aircraft is the freeware GMAX Agusta 109 Package by Alan Devins, available here Repaint textures by Jason Sparkes of UKMIL. 879K
Fs2004 Gmax MD Helicopters MD520N Collection. Features reflective paint, specular lighting, Compressing Skids, opening pilot door, animated pilot and DVC. NO 2d panel or sounds are included. There are great 500 sound packs and panels readily available. Features 4 model variations, police, police with emergency floats, emergency folats and skids. By Alan Devins. 6.2MB
FS2004 Blackhawk Bambi Bucket. Original model by Jordan Moore. 5.9MB
FS2004 AH-1S Cobra in 2 Vietnam-Deliveries Textures only. This is are two repaints of the AH-1 Cobra which are using from 1967 in Vietnam. Model made by:Kim, "Zeki" BoHyun; Textures: Sebastian Schneider. 4.6MB

FS2004 MH-6C Fuerza Aerea Dominicana.F.A.D. Original model created by Tim Conrad. Textures by Robert Serrata

Fix. Panel update to include gauges. 1MB

FS2004/FSX HC412PE Air Ambulance D-HHAA. Based on the Hovercontrol 412 Personal Edition version 1.0 By Jordan Moore D-HHAA Modification by Nate Rosenstrauch. Repaint by Andrea Bercelli. 21.4MB
FS2004 Bell 412 Bambi Bucket. A modification to the open source design Bell 412 helicopter by Jordan Moore that includes an animated "Bambi Bucket" and fire retardant effects. By Shawn Lund, Kirk Sunley and James Edmond. 34.6MB
FS2004 Eurocopter EC-135 G-SUFF Suffolk Constabulary Textures Only. A Repaint of Heiko Richter's original Eurocopter EC-135 (required here) in G-SUFF of the Suffolk Constabulary, UK. Repaint textures by Jason Sparkes of UKMIL. 862K
FS2004 Bell-UH-1H Dominican Republic Airforce New Colors . Bell Uh-1d F.A.D Dominican Republic Airforce New Colors. Model by Deane Baunton Textures by Robert Serrata Sound-Adriano Martoni. 12.2MB
FS2004 Bell 412 Japan Coast Guard Complete Package. In this file, there are all Bell 412 that the Japan Coast Guard has now. It is composed of 3 models and 8 repaints. Based on the Hovercontrol original. Repaints by Nobup Poi. 36.2MB