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Civil Jets Page 107
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 516 AVIATECA later Textures only. After many years in service and a change of logo, "Quetzal" is much in need of a wash and repaint. This seems to be an experimental scheme using the standard AVIATECA tail markings. After repainting it kept the Aztec logo but reverted to standard Court livery on the fin.Requires the BAC One-Eleven 500 model by David Maltby here: Repaint Garry Russell. 936K
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 518 AVIATECA ex Court livery Textures only. Aviateca used this ex TransBrasil One-Eleven 518FG still wearing Court pink livery where it had been in service as G-AXML.It was broken up in Mar 1995 after being withdrawn as LV-MRZ with Austral in December 1993. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 500 model by David Maltby here: Repaint Garry Russell. 900K
FS2004 BAC One-Eleven 516 AVIATECA Final livery Textures only. Wearing the final version of the Aviateca livery TG-AZA reverted to a standard Court type tail with the Aztec logo. This aircraft was written off on 20-July 1989 when it skidded off the runway at Manila after becomming RP-C1193 with Philippine Airlines. Requires the BAC One-Eleven 500 model by David Maltby here: Repaint Garry Russell. 570K
FS2004 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Transload Airlines Package. TriStar was designed as a medium to long haul airliner in the 250 seat range. The 500 was the long range model designed to make the L-1011 more competitive with the DC-10. The TriStar was well liked by pilots and passengers alike, and no greater tribute can be paid to this old workhorse than the fact that some L-1011's are still in front line service today, 36 years after its maiden flight.Self installing executable file. Developed by Mike Stone and painted by Garry Smith model includes 4 seperate liveries. 17MB
FS2004 Boeing 727 Brasil Multi Livery Package. Includes 727-200 Fly Linhas Aéreas - Via Brasil / 727-200F Itapemirim - Total - ATA - VarigLog - Vaspex sound and Panel, wingflex to ground spoilers and the most highly detailed 727 external model ever developed. By Erick Cantu, Fraser Turner, Steve Drabek.Paintede By Cristiano Magnani. 17MB
FS2004 Boeing 747-400F JAL Cargo (JA401J). This paint features a photo-realistic fuse and tail textures.Also photoreal engine cowls and exaust, highly detailed crome textures for the fuselage completed with a highly detailed model from Project Opensky. Lefteris Sigioltzakis. 9.6MB
FS2004 A320-212 Condor. Textures by Max Teuber, Model by IFDG. 7.2MB
FS2004/2002 A380 Cyprus Airways ProMX Version 2 The ver.2 added landing lights and new night textures to the long list of the orignal ProMX like: cargo/luggages bay with night textures and opening cargo doors, thrust reversed, wings and engines views from the cockpit with all the moving spoiler, engines fans and leading edges, tilted landing wheels, front turning wheels, 3D cockpit with night textures and 3D landing gears bays. Panel by: A.Asensio Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 2.4MB

FS2004 Hawker Siddeley Trident Package. Highly accurate model with realistic 2D panel & Virtual cockpit. Trident 2 & Trident 3 models with textures for BEA, British Airways,Northeast, CAAC. Realistic Rolls-Royce Spey engine sounds. Full Autoland capability. FS Kneeboard documentation with panel manual, aircraft data & flying tips. Also includes Trident Captain Peter McLeland's Autoland Turorial. By David Maltby & Saverio Maurri, Dave Booker, Peter McLeland. 43.2MB
FS2004 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-41R 'Ladybird' Textures only of registration G-VAST. With reworked engine, wing, and tire textures. Requires the GE engine base model, available here. By Mike Mahat. 4.9MB