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Civil Jets Page 115
FS2004 Comet 4C Mexicana last livery Textures only. Introduced as the days of Comets with Mexicana were drawing to a close, XA-NAS proudly shows off the last livery it would wear with the airline. The second machine out of an order for three, this was the first to be delivered and made a sales tour for de Havilland shortly afterwards. An order for two more was not taken up but a Comet 4 was bought from BOAC later and a further BOAC machine was leased in. Sold to Westernair as N999WA, it was sold on a few times without further use and was eventually broken up. Requires the DH 106 Comet 4C model by David Maltby (here): Repaint Garry Russell. 1MB
FS2004 Boeing 727-230 in 1992 Olympic Airways colours. This repaint created for use by HOAV(Historic Olympic Airways Virtual)pilots but it is not necessary to be a member in order to use it. I sugest you to download the amazing panel by Richard Probst The aircraft has full moving parts(flaps,ailerons,air brakes,wheels,doors etc.). Model: Erick Cantu. Repaint by Panagiotis El Sisi. 2.7MB
FS2004/2002 Boeing 747-400 Costa Virtual Airlines. Take a flight with this beatiful aircraft ! With this Hight Quality textures. Repainted by : Victor Hugo & Gustavo Costa ! Model by Posky. 5.2MB
FS2004 Boeing 727-200 21st Century Packge. The Final Stage 21st Century Continuing with our internal policies we released this freeware with payware quality. This is the first of four packages and contains the Boeing 727-200 RE Super 27 The main characteristics are: And incredibly perfect replica of the aircraft. Every part and detail on the real aircraft you'll find it in this aircraft. Full moving parts according to standards (flaps, ailerons, elevators, landing gear, stab trim, dynamic shine, etc) Wing views, hi-low diferential ailerons activated by speed, Main door, cargo bay doors, service door, ventral stairs, loss of hydraulic pressure is prefectly simulated on the kreuguer flaps, ground services (catering, fuel truck, baggage belt, baggage truck, etc.) everything with an independent control from each other. The Vans Aircraft Company 2005. 13.9MB
FS2004 DH Comet 4 East African Airways Original Textures only. EAA was jointly owned by the governments of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Working closely with BOAC and needing an effective aircraft to operate opposite BOAC Comets made the airline an early puchaser of the type. This aircraft VP-KPJ, one of two ordered in 1958, was the first to be delivered in July 1960 and inaugerated the Nairobi-London service. So sucessful was the type that a third was soon ordered and the fleet increased to four when a BOAC example was taken on lease. Super VC 10's were ordered to relace the Comets from autumn 1966 but the type soldiered on right up until February 1971 using a leased Dan Air aircraft. VP-KPJ which had become 5X-AAO in April 1964 was found to be suffering from corrosion and was sold to Dan Air for spares in Nov 1970. Requires the DH 106 Comet 4 model by David Maltby (here): Repaint Garry Russell. 1.1MB
FS2004 Vickers VC 10 1101 BOAC Late Textures only. Final Standard VC 10 wearing the last BOAC livery before the airline was merged with BEA and it's associates to form British Airways. Requires the VC-10 1101 model by David Maltby here: Painted by David Maltby:reworked by Garry Russell. 581K
FS2004 Vickers VC 10 1101 British Airways BOAC Textures only. G-ARVC represents the BOAC VC 10 fleet in the early days of BA. Titles were painted on the complete basic livery of BOAC. Requires the VC 10 1101 model by David Maltby:\nPainted by David Maltby: Reworked by Garry Russell. 535K

FS2004 VFW614 Regional Jet Full Package. The first jet aircraft produced by Germany after WW2, the engines were mounted on the upper side of the wings, giving it a unique appearance. This aircraft had superb short field performance making it ideal for smaller airports that could not accept jets. Full animated flight surfaces opening doors, dynamic shine etc. The package consists of Aircraft,Panel and Sound plus eight liveries. The liveries are as follows Air Alsace, Cimber Air (2), TAT (2), Luftwaffe, Luftwaffe Marine and Frontier Aircraft Model Designers Torsten Abraham & Andreas Poppe: Panel Fred Holst: Flight Dynamics Brian Horsey Sound File Mark Cranston and Benoit Plamondon: Aircraft Liveries and compilation Tony Madge. 28MB
FS2004 Project SkyWorks Canadair CRJ-700 Radio Stack Fix. (refers to original aircraft here) This fix creates a radio stack with functionable NAV, COM, etc. radio buttons since the original panel does not have a fully workable radio stack. Now you can fly IFR without any hassles ! French readme included. Radio Stack Fixer (Panel Designer) : Thomas Nilsson Administrator : James Jaw. 24K
FS 2004 Airbus A330 TAB Virtual Airlines This is a repaint of the Project Opensky Airbus A330 with high quality textures.Model by Project Opensky, repainted by Daniel Coelho. 2.7MB