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Civil Jets Page 126
FS2004 Cessna Citation Mustang. An FSDS2 aircraft with moving parts, including working shock absorbers and landing lights on landing gear. Also includes a panel by Ken Mitchell, a dynamic virtual cockpit and reflective textures. By Chuck Dome. 3.4MB
FS2004/2002 British Air Ferries BAC-111. Low polycount model ideal for AI. Model by JBsimulations.Repaint by Ashley Flynn. 485K
FS2004 Boeing 757-200 British Airways 1996 Remembrance day Textures only. Requires AI Aardark 757 below. Model by AI Aardvark. Low polycount model ideal for AI. Repaint by Ashley Flynn. 660K
FS2004/2002 British Airways Landor Boeing 757-200. Low polycount model ideal for AI. Model by AI Aardvark. Repaint by Ashley Flynn. 724K
FS2002/2004 Boeing 757-200 British Airways 'Fly New Club Europe' Model by AI Aardvark. Low polycount model ideal for AI. Repaint by Ashley Flynn. 704K
FS2004 BEA Airtours DH Comet. Model by Dee Waldron. Low polycount model ideal for AI. Repaint by Ashley Flynn. 299K
FS2004 Boeing 737-700 Virgin Blue Textures only. Virgin Blue's 50th aircraft, VH-VBY "Virgin-ia Blue". This repaint, by Lewis Maynard, is for Kittyhawk's (any full model required here) B737-700. 4.4MB
FS2004 Project Opensky Boeing 767-200 V4 House Colors. - Dynamic shine - Wingview - realistic FDE - Opening Doors & cargo doors - 3d Flight Attendants in the cabine - All normal animations - accurate dimensions - accurate specifications - accurate flight performance based on performance charts - accurate flight performance based on certified pilot input - full damage profiles for major body locations, flaps, struts, tires and engines - different engine variants - different engine performance, thrust maps, and fuel burn per different engine type - different and accurate gauges based on engine type and performance - default and alternate gear points for aircraft look vs. performance feel - full operations manual complete with speed charts - new detailed lighting effects for FS2004Created by Project OpenSky Model Designer : Albert Bouwman Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C,Daniel Tested : Project-Opensky Members Master textures : Project-Opensky Painters Painted : Tom Harlaar. 12.3MB
FS2004/2002 Boeing 737-200 Aerocondor Package. Model by FFX with FDE by Jorge Oppenheimer. Includes panel by Richard Probst, Sounds by Eric Cantu. Textures by Franco Sovino. 12.6MB
FS2004 United Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC10-10 (N1819U). While cruising at FL370 on a flight from Denver to Chicago, the no.2 engine suffered an uncontained failure. Shrapnel from the engine damaged all three main hydraulic lines in the tail, causing a total loss of hydraulics aboard. The aircraft crashed whilst attempting an emergency landing at Sioux City on July 19, 1989. The flight was United 232 from Denver to Chicago and Philadelphia. Features accurate window placement and moving parts. Designed by Stewart Global Aircraft (SGA). United Airlines repaint by Damien Thomas. 2.7MB