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Civil Jets Page 128
FS2004 Boeing 777-200ER GE new VARIG textures only. A beautiful repaint of the Meljet 777 v2. . Full Model required (here). Repainted by Alex Guedes. 1.3MB
FS2004 Boeing 727-200 The Final Stage 21st Century. The Vans Aircraft Company proudly presents our latest project. Some years ago we released our first version of DC-9, which pourpose was to thank all of our customers for their preference and support to our products. Also continuing with our internal policies we released this freeware with payware quality. 5.1MB
FS2004 Gulfstream 100 version 1 Package By LiderDesigns Gulfstream 100 Freeware model and Panel by Peter Brun/LiderDesigns including VC, Moving parts, Flaps, Spoilerons, Elevator, Rudder, rolling weels, Opne door, Night effects, 32bits textures dedicated to all the simulator world and welcome to hear from you at. Includes All default FS2004 gauges and some edited by LiderDesigns. 11.5MB
FS2004 A330-200 Dragonair 20th Anniversary. Project Open Skyís Airbus A330-200 equipped with Rolls Royce engines. Painted to the Dragonair 20th Anniversary's colours. Iím proud to present you the fictive A330-200 version. I had to slightly modify few details to fit the fuselage properly. Connoisseurs will notice the front cargo door which is painted completely on my version. I thought it would be nice to complete the job they never finished in real life. Completely painted from scratch, the entire textures templates including the alphas and night effect are absolutely brand new. Typical night lighting. 32 bit format textures. Sammy Fay. 3MB
FS2004 USA 3000 Airlines Airbus A320-200. Model by iFDG ( Includes opening doors - dynamic shine - reflective textures. IAE engine sounds included in download. 31.8MB
FS2004 Default Boeing 747-400 Air Force One Textures. Repaint By James Gibney. 1.3MB
FS2004 Boeing 747-400 Air Greenland. This is what a Boeing 747-400 might look like in Air Greenland livery. Air Greenland does not operate any Boeing 747. Model by Melvin Rafi. This aircraft works in both FS2002 and FS2004 This repaint is inspired from the Airbus A330.200 Air Greenland operates. 2.7MB
FS2004 Kittyhawk Boeing 737-200, 737-700/BBJ and 737-800 flight dynamics update. These flight dynamics are the work of Mike Baumann and were originally released on SGA's old forum in late 2004 & can be found in Simviation's pages (search 'kittyhawk'). Included are various effects files as well as my custom contact points tweaks for all of these variants to improve ground and landing gear interaction. Uploaded by Philip Foglar with Mike Baumann's permission. 1.2MB

FS2004 A330-200RR v3 by Flightcraft Design. Base pack with Airbus house Colors. Sascha J. FlightCraft CEO & FC Team. 13.7MB
FS2004/2002 Condor Rizzi Bird Boeing 757-200 Model by AI Aardvark. Ashley Flynn. 1.5MB