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Civil Jets Page 195
FS2004 Airbus A350-900F (cargo) Airbus House Colors, with Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 3.5MB
FS2004 Airbus A350-900 Singapore Airlines with Ground services. Model design: Camil Valiquette, Paint by: Yvan Ung. 13.7MB
FS2004 Airbus A350-900RF Singapore Airlines. This is a fictional Singapore Airlines repaint of the CamSim A350-900RF XWB (Extra Wide Body) Features animated ground servicing (AGS). Base pack and panel included. Model by Camil Valiquette, panel by Ken Mitchell and paint by Yvan Ung. 9.5MB
FS2004 Boeing 737-700 HLX Textures. This is a repaint for the Moach's Boeing 737 Experience (Required here). The repaint shows the D-EAGQ model from the German airline HLX, repainted by Andreas Guethling. 3.2MB
FS2004 Boeing 787-3 Air Canada, with Animated Ground Servicing. Model by Camil Valiquette. Panel by Ken Mitchell. By Yvan Ung. 10MB
FS2004 Boeing 787-9 ags All Nippon Airways. Includes animated ground servicing. Model by Camil Valiquette. Paint by: Yvan Ung. 9.7MB
FS2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 JAL Japan Airlines Cargo. Model by iFDG. Paint by: Yvan Ung. 4.6MB

FS2004 Ilyushin IL-96-300 Update. This is an update for FS 9 of the Ilyushin IL-96-300 by Samdim with Iran Textures by Fernando Herrera (required here). I have updated the flight dynamics, added the rest of the wheels, added toggle icons to the panel, a digital trim gauge, and made it easier to see over the nose. Bob Chicilo. 56K

FS 2004 Boeing 737-200 "Aeragita Pizza" Textures only. Is that clear air turbulence you're feeling, or just a touch of agita? Order a glass of Brioschi and take the controls of this 'bella macchina'. This freeware, textures-only repaint is based on the Eric Cantu/SGA (Stewart Global) 737- 200 (required here). Features include custom graphics and lighting effects, free pizza toppings, and salad bar. Mangia, you look too thin. By Vince Coratello of Studio Kokopelli. 1MB
FS 2004 Boeing 737-200 "Nathans Famous" Textures only This flying tribute to the Coney Island culinary landmark is a freeware, textures- only repaint based on the Eric Cantu/SGA(Stewart Global) 737- 200(required here) . You can almost hear the clattering of the Cyclone roller coaster from the cockpit. Features include custom graphics and lighting effects, and a complimentary admission to Steeplechase and Luna Park. By Vince Coratello of Studio Kokopelli. 1.1MB