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Military Page 120
FS2004 C-130 Hercules RAF Grey Textures only. This aircraft is a repaint of the freeware C130j model by Mike Stone in RAF Grey colours Requires Mike's C-130 ( here. Textures by UKMil. 356K
FS2004 Tornado RAF GR4 12 Sqn Textures only. These textures depict the RAF Tornado of 12 Sqn. Requires the DSB Tornado here. Textures by UKMil. 940K

FS2004 BAe Hawk Mk 53 Royal Navy Clean Variant. Former payware Hawk from DSB/Iris. Includes virtual cockpit. Aircraft by David Brice, / Iris Simulation. Paint by Christoffer Petersen. 3.4MB
FS2004 West Coast ANG A-10 Military AI Package v1.0. Creates AI traffic for the Idaho Air National Guard A-10 squadron using Rysiek Winawer's incredible new AI A-10 model. Stand-alone package, but intended to complement West Coast ANG Military AI Package. Includes model, repaints by Graham King, flightplans, quality AFCAD and callsign voicepack. Package integrated by Dan Bourque. 2.4MB
FS2004 Shorts 330 USAFE Textures Only This is the scheme as painted to the USAFE on thier Shorts 300 aircraft it uses the 330 model by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy (required here) Textures by UKMil. 357K
FS2004 Canberra Mk9 RAF 39 sqn XH134 Textures only. These textures depict the RAF Canberra of 39 Sqn, RAF Marham as painted during the final year of service on 2006. Requires original model by Kazunori Ito. (here) By UKMil. 491K
FS2004 Mirage 2000C FAB Textures only. Dassault Mirage 2000-C in colours of FAB, painted by Cristiano Magnani, requires Roland Laborie, Jean Pierre Bourgeois and Pierre Marchadier Mirage 2000 (here) 12.7MB
FS2002/FS2004 Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A. This is a ground-attack aircraft that Britain and France jointly developed. It is assumed to be a first meaning to invade in the enemy area at the minimum altitude without receiving the ground support at all. The thin body and the main wings of low-aspect ratio are combined. And, To enable operation with the airport in the front where the condition is bad, The main gear of a double tire and leading edge slat for improvement of STOL and the full span flap etc. are features. This XZ364 plane is one of Jaguar that makes a sortie 47 times at the bay shore region in "Desert Storm" operation. Four kinds of models(clean / with pylon / with under weapon / with full weapon) are included. by Kazunori Ito. 3.9MB
FS2004 Tornado RAF GR4 14 SQN Textures only. these textures depict the RAF Tornado of 14 SQN, Tornado GR4 from DSB Designs (required here) Textures by UKMil. 1MB
FS2004 Hawker Hunter FGA 9 MissDemeanor Updated. This is an update of the Hawker Hunter FGA 9 MissDemeanor by Alphasim. I have redone the flight dynamics, added a tail light, changed the smoke to white airshow smoke, added a panel, corrected the contact points, and reduced the fuel to approximately what it should be. This is the complete aircraft. Bob Chicilo. 1.1MB