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FS2004 Aermacchi MB326H Aeronautica Militare Italiana Textures only. Repaint as MB326E A.M.I. (Aeronautica Militare Italiana). Version 1.0 Full Model By David Friswell available here. Andrea Candon "Typhoon". 955K
FS2004/2002 F86F-1-NA 51-2910 “Beautious Butch II” Sabre flown by 1st Lt. Joseph M. McConnell, 39th FIS/51 FIW, UN “ace of aces”. Lt. McConnell had 16 kills in Sabres. This is a model of his last Sabre. Lt. McConnell shot down 3 MiGs in one day.F-86F-1-NA Created March 2, 2004 GMAX Model and Textures created by W. E. Stephens. 3.9MB

FS2004 - Aermacchi MB339 PAN - Century V 3.0. Military Italian Aerobatics Team aircraft by Paolo Zamparo The state of the art ! AirFile tuned with the help of MB339A Pilots White Red and Green smoke for AirShow Wing Vortex - Exhaust Smoke - Fire !!! Panel-AirModel-Gauges: by Paolo Zamparo Aircraft designer: Massimo Taccoli Radar: by Eric Marciano & Jorge Salas Sounds: Aaron Swindle - Skysong Soundworks Revised and assembled by Paolo Zamparo. 16.5MB

FS2004 Gloster Meteor T7 203 AFS Package. 6 Liveries 203 Air Fighting School c.1953, Gloster Meteor T7 Prototype, Royal Navy, 74 Sqn Horsham St Faith 1958, Royal Netherlands Air Force 1958, Israeli Air Force "Knights of the North Sqn"1967. My sincerest thanks go to, Rick Piper for making the model in the first place, and his subsequent input, time, help, etc. (cheers Rick!) Many thanks also to Dave Booker for all the support, testing and encouragement throughout. (Thanks mate ) Many thanks to Nick Snook for T7 Pilot's notes for reference. Saverio Maurri. 10.9MB
FS2004 Lockheed C-130H Hercules Arizona Air National Guard. Gmax model made for FS2004 but should also work with FS2002. This is a repaint of Mike Stone's C-130. 484K
FS2004 Blue Angels Super Hornet Textures only for Daisuke Yamamoto's F/A F-18E. ; Daisuke Yamamoto's F/A F-18E (FA18E_SH.ZIP) aircraft required here. Painted by Ty Hill . 2.8MB
FS2002/2004 RAAF Hawk Mk 127 Lead In Fighter Trainer 76 and 79 sqn repaints. Texture repaint only, to be used with DSB Designs Hawk LIFT available here. Repaints by Jason De Iuliis. 3.2MB
Carrier Operation Package for FS2004 Military Jets. This archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to your existing military jets in FS2004, and enables you to perform takeoff's and approaches/landings on aircraft carriers. By Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson: File name:
FS2004 Underwing Tank Textures for Mike Stones C-130 Hercules Adds underwing tank textures for all my repaints completed so far. Requires Mike's re-released file available here. Textures by Geoff Chambers. 46K