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FS2002/FS2004 Saab J35OE Draken Austrian Air Force. Textures only! Repaint of Kazunori Ito's Draken ( here) in Austrian Air Force colours. By Roman E. Krauss. 338K
FS2004/2002 Lockheed Martin F-16A ROC (Taiwan) AF 17th Ops Grp Textures only. This is a repaint of the F-16A Viper in the livery of 17th Operations Group, 401st Tactical Fighter Wing, ROC (Taiwan) Air Force, based at Hualien AFB (RCYU). This aircraft features traditional symbols of the Ah-Mei aborigine tribe. Textures only. Original aircraft package ( Here ) by Kirk Olsson and Mike Huang required. Repaint by Mike Huang. 3.6MB

FS2004 F/A-16 "Charcoal Lizard" Textures only. Original model by Kirk Olsson. required (here). Repaint by Edwin Page. 1.1MB

FS2004/2002 BAe. Harrier GR.7. Marine Night Fighter Squadron VMF (N) 542 Textures. Marine Attack Squadron 542, Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, NC. Original by Kazunori Ito. Repaint by Néstor D'Angelo. 1MB
FS2004/2002 SAAB JAS39 Gripen A/B. This airplane is used by Swedish Air Force. JAS39 is an airplane for the combat, the attack, and the scout developed as a succession of Viggen. Compared with Viggen, expenditure is pressed to 2/3 or less and weight is pressed to 1/2 or less and more kinds of arms are cut equipped with in large quantities and it has the ability that it is launched or can be dropped by higher accuracy. Two kinds of airframes of a single-seat(Type A) and a double-seat(Type B) and original designed Panel for JAS39 are included in this file. Production material and marking design cooperated by Ronny Olofsson(Sweden) by Kazunori Ito. 1.9MB

FS2004 FOUGA CM170 MAGISTER Finnish Air Force This Gmax design features four paintjobs; three panels; opening canopy; dynamic virtual cockpit; fully animated control surfaces; rolling retractive landing gears; reflective textures; crash effects. Sounds by Mike Hambly. Panels by Brahim Rhoul. Designed by Kari Virtanen and Mikko Maliniemi. 24MB

ATC update for the FOUGA CM170 MAGISTER Designed by KARI VIRTANEN and MIKKO MALINIEMI _This update features: Correct manufacturer plane is now recognised as an aerospatiale. ATC recognision as Orange. ATC recognision as Air Force. Correct Tail numbers. Flightnumber fix. 22K

FS2004 Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23A Black Widow II PAV-1 87800 and PAV-2 87801. Featuring: GMAX built 3D model with basic virtual cockpit. Detailed, high-resolution, updated reflective dxt3 textures. Transparent reflective canopy and detailed pilot. Fully animated control surfaces. Fully animated landing gear. Afterburner effect that works realistically when AB command is selected. Very realistic Flight Dynamics based on virtual wind tunnel data. Custom sounds, mixed to be throaty and powerful. Condense contrails for wing tips, fuselage and flaps. Flight Checklist, Procedures, and Flight Manual. Realistic Panel. By: Daniel Buechter, Bryan Betts, Simone Prattico', Pete Dowson, JR, Eric Marciano, Cyril Pioffet, Johan Peeters. 15.3MB

FS2004/2002 B1B Lancer Package by the I³D Project Group. This boeing B-1b lancer is designed and built specifically for FS2002/FS2004 (A century of flight) The base back comes with 1 texture, full model, effects with more to come. The model has been test flown by Pilots from Dyess AFB, USA and approved flyable. The flight model itself isnt perfect, we have limited resources in this area, but we assue you a uptate is coming soon. The B1B Lancer includes full animation, gear, bombays, wing sweep, new afterburner technology and much more.. contrails are included, along with a custom designed panel for the B1B. Includes Virtual Cockpit. As this package stands, it doesnt wor with Force Feedback sticks, you will need to disable FFB in FS2002 otherwise the aircraft will nose up and become uncontrollable. See Readme for further details. By the ID3 Project Group. 11.3MB

Fix: Flight dynamics update - makes aircraft more flyable in FS2004/2002. Hugh Pratt. 276K

Part2: B1B Textures. 15.3MB

Part3: Sounds. 5.6MB

FS2004/2002 Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing The XB-35 was the first Northrop flying wing bomber design. And,XB-35 was produced as a candidate of 10~10 bombers (The amount equipped with 10,000 bombs and 10,000 bomber with the cruising range of mile) who had been planned for the European front of World War II. However, it was not selected because of vibration problem of Contra-Rotating Propeller and loads of bomb that are fewer than that of expectation etc. Finally, neither arrived at mass production though aimed at making to the jet, and invented YB-49 and YRB-49. by Kazunori Ito. 1.8MB
FS2004/2002 F-16 "Halo 2" Textures only. This is my first repaint. This is a fictional Halo 2 inspired F-16 viper. It features a custom Halo 2 logo on both the wings and tail. The tail also has a graphic of a Brute from the Halo 2 game. The textures have been tested with fs2004 only, but should work in fs2002. Textures and CFG file only - requires F-16 Viper by Kirk Ollson here. , Halo 2 textures by Matthew Stapleton. 4.9MB
FS2004/2002 Northrop F-89D Scorpion. The F-89 was a twin-engine, all-weather fighter-interceptor designed to locate, intercept, and destroy enemy aircraft by day or night under all types of weather conditions. Two kinds of the example of painting is included in this file. And, the panel is not included in this file. By Kazunori Ito. 928K

FS2004/2002 KC-135E Stratotanker v1.8 Pennsylvania Air National Guard and Camouflage textures. Model build in GMAX, with reflections, night lighting with PDI lights; completely new flight dynamics; animated flaps, ailerons, elevators, spoilers, rudder, refueling boom, gear with steerable nose wheels; separate landing and taxi lights Model, textures and FDE Original by Rok Dolenec.Includes a custom panel,all custom gauges, Com 1/Nav 1, Com 2/Nav 2,Voice Activated Radio Altimeter/VOR2,ADF/VOR1, Transponder, Autopilot,Fully Functional Throttle Quadrant/Landing Gear Panel, Engine Start Panel, 2D Views. Original by Chuck Grimes,Arne Bartels,Jean-Pierre Langer. 9.2MB

FS2004/2002 English Electric Canberra B.2 Prototype. Canberra B.2 Prototype VX165 made its first flight in April 1950 from English Electric at Warton, Lancashire, UK. It then transferred to the Armament and Aircraft Experimental Establishment [A & AEE] at the mysterious Boscombe Down airbase in Wiltshire. By Anglo-Virtual Aviation & Kazunori Ito. 1.6MB