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FS2004 Grumman F-14b Tomcat U.S. Navy's VF-11 Red Rippers (Textures only) circa 1997. Soon after arriving at NAS Oceana in 1997, VF-11 started to convert from the F-14D Tomcat to the less capable F-14B. This move was necessary due to the limited numbers of F-14D airframes in the fleet, which has made it impossible to support 3 active squadrons, the RAG and various test units. This file contains textures only for Dino Cattaneo's excellent F-14B Tomcat here. Repaint by Bill Baldwin. 3MB
FS2004/2002 Eurofighter RAF 6sqn Lite Edition with small banners - but perfectly flyable & useable. Complete avionics and high textures virtual cockpit. (!! INFO:total free alternative cockpit and only 2 advert-banners !!) Animated: 5 versions, Pilots, 14 Weapons, Visor,sensors, mirror, emmisionseffects, afterburner, landing gear and flaps, high textures, Model, panel, sounds, textures by - Author: A.Meyer. 2.4MB
FS2002 / FS2004 Eurofighter Typhoon In AEF (Air Experiance Flight) Textures only. Includes colours similar to those worn by RAF Grob Tutors, and those worn by RAF Bulldogs, Chipmunks etc. This is a repaint of the DSB Design Typhoon (required, here) Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-Virtual Aviation. 405K

FS2004/2002 USAF F-4E Phantom II. Added afterburners, a new panel, and tweeked the aircraft.cfg file and the air file. The aircraft was for fs2002 & has been modified in fs2004. Original by Alphasim. Updated by Bob Chicilo. 4.5MB

FS2002 / FS2004 BAC Canberra WT309 in A&AEE Boscombe Down Textures only. This is a repaint of the Canberra (required, here) by Bill Holker. Repaint by Andy Nott of Anglo-virtual Aviation UK. 1.4MB

Fix Update: Makes the canopy frame white, not grey. Simply overwite the file in my aaee texture folder with this new file. 317K

FS2004 Tornado GR4 - "13 Squadron 2005 90TH ANNIVERSARY" Textures only. Requires the DSB Tornado here. By Dave Charlton. 1.8MB
FS2004 Atlas Impala Mk2 SAAF (textures only) This is a repaint of the Bjorn Buchner's beautiful Atlas Impala Mk2 Two (here) different Impala Mk2 paint schemes from No. 4 Sqn SAAF typical of the "Border War" period are included. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 984K
FS2004 Atlas Impala Mk1 SAAF (textures only) This is a repaint of the Bjorn Buchner's beautiful Atlas Impala Mk1 (here) . It is painted as a Impala Mk1 of No. 7 Sqn South African Air Force. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 481K
FS2004 AFS Eurofighter 17 Sqn Display 1 Textures only. Requires the AFS Eurofighter (demo above or payware version). Dave Charlton. 1MB
FS2004/2002 North American F-100F Super Sabre. The F-100F was essentially an F-100D stretched for two crewmembers. The USAF needed a supersonic trainer and North American Aviation converted an F-100C (S/N 54-1966) at its own expense for evaluation. The F-100F, which first flew on 7 March 1957, retained the air-superiority and fighter-bomber capabilities of the F-100D although armament loads were reduced. A total of 339 F-100Fs were built. by Kazunori Ito. 2.7MB
FS2004/2002 North American F-100D Super Sabre. Developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabre used in the Korean Conflict, the F-100 was the world's first production airplane capable of flying faster than the speed of sound in level flight (760 mph). Of the 2,294 F-100's built before production ended in 1959, 1,274 were -D's, more than all the other series combined. Its features included the first autopilot designed for a supersonic jet and a low-altitude bombing system. A special panel for F-100 is included in this file. by Kazunori Ito. 2.6MB

FS2004 C-130 Hercules Fuerza Aerea Argentina Repaint By Franco Carluccio Model By Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 6.4MB