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FS2004 General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon Package - 4 Portuguese Models. These models represents, the F-16A with the s/n 15108 of the 201th Sq - "Falcons", of the Portuguese Air Force, stationed at Monte Real Air Base. The package includes Eric Marciano's F-16 panel Original model by Kirk Olsson Repaint by Joćo Corredeira. 17.1MB

FS2004 B57G USAF Canberra Bomber (Sixth A/C in my Canberra series). Fully animated model. Animations include ejection sequence, opening bomb bay, bomb release, opening canopy plus parked aircraft chocks, fire extinguisher and engine blanks with boarding ladder. Full working virtual cockpit. Model, panel and textures by Bill Holker, Original air file by Dave Friswell. Modelled using FSDS 2.1 6.1MB Filename:

FS2004 Alphasim F-4E Phantom 2 USAF. I downloaded it from their freeware aircraft page. I have added afterburners, a panel, and tweeked the aircraft.cfg file and the air file. Landing can be done with 2 or 3 notches of flaps and the aircraft trimed so approach speed is 150 to 170 knots. For me this was from 50 to 70 on the digital trim gauge. Some throttle may be necessary, depending on angle of attack and glide slope. I did not try to make this one able to easily go overspeed. It will still reach mach 2.5 in level flight at 37,000 ft., Which is maximim speed. Includes panel by Chuck Dome. Updated by Bob Chicilo. 2.5MB
FS2004/2002 McDonnell Douglas OA-4M SkyHawk. OA-4M is a machine only for FAC for MARINES remodeled from TA-4F. An engine and an electronic equipment are the same as the A-4M standard of the latest type. And, externals other than the cockpit apply to A-4M. However, it doesn't equip the drag chute. by Kazunori Ito. 2MB
FS2004 RB57D (seventh A/C in the Canberra series). The R B-57D was built strictly as a high altitude reconnaissance platform. Fully animated model with full working virtual cockpit. Model, panel and textures by Bill Holker, Original air file by Dave Friswell. Not for publication Name Bill Holker. 5.1MB Filename:
FS2004 Alphasim Mig-25. Description: This is an older model Alphasim mig-25. It is for fs2004. I did the usual upgrades, lights, afterburners, panel, better flight envelope. This is a complete aircraft, but with the usual faults Alphasim adds before putting it on their free download page. I corrected what I could. Bob Chicilo. 498K
FS2004 RAF Tornado F Mk. 356 SQN ZE156 F3 2005 Display Aircraft. Textures only. Requires the DSB Tornado F3 here. Dave Charlton. 1.7MB
FS2004/2002 A-4 F Blue Angels Skyhawk . I have added a panel, changed the smoke effects, and modified the air and aircraft.cfg files. Aircraft by Alphasim. Update by Bob Chicilo. 3MB
FS2004/2002 FG-1 Phantom II. Updated - with added panel, lights, afterburners, smoke effects, and re-worked the air and aircraft.cfg files. I presently can do nothing about the virtual cockpit or anything else that is in the mobel file. This aircraft has two models, one with, and one without external tanks. Aircraft by Alphasim. Update by Bob Chicilo. 2.6MB
FS2004 F-4N Phantom II. Description: this is an update that will add a panel, lights, afterburners, smoke, and proper aircraft.cfg and air files to the alphasime f-4n. other than a problem with a section of the engine tailpipes missing when looked at from certain angles; it will probably look and fly as good as the one people paid for, although I don't think it is perfect yet. Aircraft by Alpha Simulations. Update by Bob Chicilo. 485K