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FS2004 American whaler- XIX°century - about 1850 - Captain Achabs's ship PEQUOD in Herman Melville "Moby Dick" novel - Lots of moving parts ( winch, dinghies, anchor, crew, flag...)-sounds included- may be used as an AI Either available ship alone or with rowing boat or with rowing boat and white whale (fish and ships ;-).By Rotule. 11MB
FS2004/FS2002 Engine Exhaust System Plus - Version 3.2. Bug fix. Also adds APU effect and can be used with AI. Updated, improved, simplified. Heat and shimmer turbofan and turbojet engine exhaust effects, auto-operated at idle and at full throttle. Full installation instructions for most common freeware passenger airliners - listing included. By Martyn Becker. File size - 240K
FS2004 CD Filelist. Description: Here is the list of files on the FS2004 Installation CD's, useful incase you didn't backup your files or one is missing. By: Alex Ramos. 9K
FS2004 Kneeboard Music Player V2. Steven Logiudice. 285K
FS2004 Halo; The Ring: I hope making Halo will influence better modelers to make Halo things. Note: you have to use slew to take off. 868K
FS2004 Japan & US Coast Guard Ship. Features Cockpit {G]key Horn *Key Animation [Shift]+[E] Door (Ramp up/down) [F5] [F8] Flap (Machine gun up/down). Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 1.4MB
FS2004 Red, White & Blue Smoke Effects. By J.Carr-Murrell. 67K
FS2004 3Wire v2.0 Carrier Simulator. 3wire is an Aircraft Carrier Simulation add-on for FS2004 (no support for FS2002). Version 2.0 Features: Launch and recover any aircraft aboard aircraft carriers - Launch holdback – Launch abort conditions - Dynamic arresting force - Optional require hook down - Cable holdback, raise the hook before taxiing! - Optional steam effect – Automatic connection to FS - 13 page operating handbook - Comes ready to use with default and ArrCab carriers - Cable Zone Assistant makes creating new zones easy – Program optimisations from version 1. Requires FSUIPC (here) and .NET Framework v1.1 (here). By Rhys Eddy. 526K
FS2004 Air Bagan Callsign The current fleet of the newest airline in Mayanmar (Burma) consists of one Fokker 100 jet, ATR 72 and two ATR 42-320 turbo-prop aircraft. Here is now the callsign for this airline. You need EditVoicepack to use with this. By House RP. 198K
FS2004 Yangon Airways Callsign Yangon Airways has become a principal domestic airline in Myanmar flying scheduled and charter flight services to 13 prime commercial and tourist destinations in Myanmar (Burma). Here is now the callsign for this airline. You need EditVoicepack to use with this. By House RP. 196K