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FS2004 Hummer H1'The Terminator' Package. Flight Sim Ground Vehicles presents you with this complete package so that you can enjoy the rugged terrain of FS2004 with style. This package comes complete with a fully functional machine gun turret [except firing bullets], fully modeled male driver that matches the theme of the Humvee/Hummer H1, fully cockpit animations, full textures [with source files for repainting], fully customized 2D panel with custom gauges, and a fully functional DVC. This package can also be used in FSX with no problem [visually and dynamically]. Visual model, panel, half of the gauges, textures and animations made by Jessy Corrales. The other half of the gauges are made by Glenn Copeland. Sounds are borrowed from the stock FS2004 Cessna. Jessy Corrales/FSGV. 15.3MB
FS2004 VW Multivan - German Emergency Vehicles Pack. Features: All Doors are animated. Virtual Cokpit. Sounds included. Blue warning light on top. Warningsound via the Radio in vc. Horn via Flaps keys. Virtual Cockpit light. Landing lights. Taxi lights. Martin Gustav. 15.5MB
FS2004 Roberts Racing Monster Truck. Includes VC. By Dyl Roberts. 4.4MB
FS2002/FS2004 God Phoenix (G1 - G5) Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.28. This plane is based on the Japanese animation "Kagaku ninjatai Gatchaman". This is a large-scale scout and an attack plane that united five machines of G1-G5. In this model, The airframe from G1 to G4 can be started and be stored. by Kazunori Ito. 1.8MB
FSX/FS9 Theed Engineering Corps N1 "Naboo Starfighter". Primary starfighter of the Naboo Royal Security Force, best known for it's role in defeating the Trade Federation invasion of the Naboo planet. The gleaming chrome finish denotes service to the Royal Court. This release comes with VC, custom XML gauges, and two paint schemes. Should work in FS9 with the usual tweaks. By Tim Piglet Conrad. 6.4MB
FS2004 U.S.S. Enterprise 1701. From the original 60's series. Created in FSDS by Ricardo Jr. 7.1MB
FS2004 Green, white, yellow & blue smoke effects. Created by Italo Lyrio. 140K
FS2004 Severe Engine Fire Effect (Updated & corrected). These effects files (activated by the smoke system) will visually simulate a fictitious SEVERE engine fire on twelve default aircraft. Effects included in this pack are for the Cessna 172, 182, and both 208's, the Baron and Kingair, the Mooney Bravo, the DC-3, the Lear, and the Boeing 737,747, and 777! More to come! By Joe Latarski. 722K
FS2004 Star Trek Voyager type 9 Shuttle, also known as a type 12 or a class 2. It is controlled like a helicopter. The cockpit is fully customized with new themed gauges. It has a custom autopilot for those not used to flying a helicopter. Cockpit and assembly by Tim Evers, model by Staffan "Squapper" Norling. Thanks to Steve Hanley and A.Meyer. 1.9MB
FS2004 Rideable Black Stallion Features- 3 animated speeds riders head turns horses head tail legs move custom sound Panel and VC (saddle). Freedom of customization.Be sure to read the read me for info on operation and tips. Not tested in FSX but may work. Gmax model and textures by Greg Ebnit. XML coding from FFDS. 16MB (watch video)