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1998 Mercedes-Benz SL600 FULL RELEASE. Finally, after 2 years of construction, the long-awaited car has now rolled off the assembly-line with new and improved features. After fixing bug after bug, I have finally achieved the most detailed car model since the Jaguar. It inlcudes full DVC with textures, reflections on the rim/surface/mirrors, 3 different rim variations, carefully made dynamics, and custom sounds. Full animations include steerable front wheels, suspension, opening doors, and movable steering wheel. Works for FS2004 and possibly FS2002. Happy Holidays to all of those at Simviation and to those who encouraged me to go on and finish this project. Jessy Corrales (Katahu). 4MB
FS2004 Flight Plan Santa-Claus Express 4 flight plans for the official City of Santa-Claus, Rovaniemii in Finland. Flight plan for the 747-400,Vega 5B,DC-3 & Learjet 45. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 69K
FS2004 and FS2002 FX: Nick's A-I JET Exhaust with Cointrol Gauge. Hanging around the airport watching the A-I traffic and chasing A-I jet aircraft just got a little more interesting. Enjoy watching your entire A-I jet fleet as they display engine heat shimmer effects -after- push-back from the terminal and during taxi to the active runway. By Nick Needham. 693K
FS2004 Flight PLan AL Extreme Flight 01 Flight plan for the flight Rio Amazonas in Ecuador to Simon Bolivar Intl Airport. Warning, Rio Amazonas is located to one old crater!. Use the default King-Air 350. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 54K
FS2004 Washington National (KDCA) River Approach Clip This a demonstration clip of a United Airlines Airbus A320 doing a River Visual approach on Runway 19 at Washington National (KDCA). I hope you enjoy! By Fahim Safi. 4.7MB

FS2004 Jaguar XK-120 Just for fun a classic personal sports car to explore all the beautiful scenery in fs2004!! Features fully animated virtual interior with working gauges and headlights. Fly to your favorite airport and switch to your Jag!! Brought to you by the Golden Eagles Squadron. Two versions: black and red. Assambled for 2004 by Alejandro Villa. 2.8MB
FS2004 Astounding Stunts Video This is a video of three stunts that involves three aircraft: an F-15J, Tu-154 and an Eurofighter Typhoon. All aircraft use their original .air and aircraft.cfg files. The F-15 uses an up and coming soundpack for the TLUK Sea Vixen. The F-15J does a Kulbuit (sort of a mid air backflip that the Sukhoi Su-37's do) The Tupolev does a roll at low level and the Typhoon hovers above the ground after Take-off. P.Savereux. 6.2MB
FS2004 Fiesler V1 Flying Bomb.-- Features Made in Gmax- Highly detailed V1 Model, accurate to WWII diagrams. Fully Realistic sounds Unique and exciting Virtual Cockpit - Also features 2D panel Samantha Downes, TLUK Designs. 4.2MB
FS2004 2002 CrashFx Pro - crash effects and virtual damage wizard. The fast and easy way to create realistic crash effects. CrashFx Pro features: 1. Aircraft Size chooser. 2. Effect Density chooser. 3. Aircraft Breakage [visual_damage] enabler 4. Use with Flight Sim 2002 or Flight Sim 2004. 5. Comprehensive restoration functions. Grant Bovee. Fully functional but time-limited shareware. 5 five minute preview sessions in Fs2002 or 2004. $9.99 Registration. 2.6MB
Simplates 2004 Demo: SimPlates 2004 is an inexpensive 2 CD-ROM set that includes 18000+ actual IFR approach plates, SIDs, STARs, Airport Diagrams, and much more for airports from JFK to Schiphol to Hong Kong to Singapore to Heathrow to SFO to, quite likely, your local airport. This includes essentially comprehensive USA coverage plus coverage for 50+ other countries. An additional 10000+ IFR approach plates are available as freely-downloadable PlatePacks. This demo version includes some plates for Hawaii and Africa to give you a feel for the full version. Approach plates are essential tools for today’s pilot. SimPlates 2004 gives you access to the real thing to bring more challenge and authenticity to your simulator experience. SimPlates 2004 is used by several flight schools to help in the teaching of their real-world students and is written by an FAA certified flight instructor. Download the demo today, or visit for more information. 23.4MB