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FS2004 C/N/RF-5 Panel for my F-5A Beta here. Panel and activates the basic VC, is also beta, includes a Vinten70mm forward-down looking 45 camera view (right in the nose when you press the "down" view button) enjoy recce flights!!, various gauges and effects included (veneaviones "refueling gauge" included). simviation exclusive, don't hotlink or clone this file all rights reserved, thanx for all the downloads for beta aircraft there goes around 2500 so far, we'll keep working. Author: claudio sanchez / HANGARCEROUNO. 3.2MB
FS2004 Alternative Fw200 panel This panel is an alternative to the original one of Hauke Keitel's excellent Fw 200 (here) . In fact I just reworked a bit the bmp of the panel and did some minor changes in the gauges enhancement. Now the origanl FS9 gps can be toggled and some more autopilot modes are avaible. In any case:save the original panel! By: Michael "Pappi" Vader. 939K

FS2004 Airbus Twin Panel (Part One) for you Airbus enthusiasts. It is built solely on authentic photos and bitmaps to create a realistic flight environment. Many thanks go out to Ken Mitchell for his permission to use his fantastic gauges - which represent a good portion of the instrumentation. This is a highly detailed and realistic panel which really requires you to open and study the README file. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback, questions and suggestions. Note!!! - This is a 2 Part Download. This zip includes the PANEL only. 9.5MB

Part 2 - You mustalso download [] for the GAUGES folder. 4.1MB Rad James Yarjan

FS2004 Lockheed L1011 Panel. By Ken MItchell. 10.6MB
FS2004 Grumman Goose Panel V2 This is an attempt to create an old Grumman Goose panel.It is based on the FS98 panel by J.L.Stubbs using FS2004 default gauges, freeware gauges and custom gauges partially based on default gauges. Version 2 features movable yoke, new overhead engine controls, and new overhead panel. Detlev Rohmer. 1.9MB
FS2004 HUD Panel - Designed for fighters. Configured by Francisco Silva 495K
FS2004 Avro ARJ Panel v4.1 This is an update for the Avro ARJ panel v4.0 to v4.1. It contents Doug Dawson's config gauge, which offers now the possibility to save the switch positions and necessary values of the panel to an ini file which will be loaded in another flightsim session or when reloading the panel. The update corrects also two still existing minor bugs and contents a rework of the VS hold and LVLCHG mode when descending. Version 4.0 is necessary for this update. By Matthias Lieberecht - The BAe Panel Project. 831K
FS2004 Firefox Panel. This is a Panel set for the Firefox aircraft, accurately reproducing the cockpit used in the Clint Eastwood Movie, based on the original novel by Craig Thomas. It features several working MFD's in which you can place a second and third view window, or moving map. There is also a Helmet-HUD. It is designed and tested for 1024x768 FS2004 only, although it may also work in FS2000/2002. The CFS2 version of this panel is also available on this site. Mig 31 Firefox Aircraft here. Created by Mike Eustace. 1MB
FS2004 F-117 Stealth Panel. This is a 1024x768 2-D Panel set for the F-117 Stealth Aircraft, for use in FS2004. It features crisp-o-vision back-up gauges, useable MFD's and the ability to implement a moving map display. F-117 aircraft here. It may also work in FS2000/2002. Modified and adapted by Mike Eustace. 932K