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FS2004 F-14D Panel with integrated Aircraft Carrier catapult and Arresting gear gauges developed and released as freeware by Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham. By Todd McKee. 2.5MB
FS2004 SGA McDonnell-Douglas DC10 Panel. Original Panel: Staffan Ahlberg Modifications and Bitmaps: Mike Baumann, Fraser Turner Special thanks to Staffan Ahlberg for giving us permission to rework and re-release his wonderful panel! DC-10 Aircraft here. 4.2MB
FS2004 FS2004 Enhanced 747 CARGO Panel. This is the cargo version of my 747 Panel, that is no cabin views. Requires my FS2004 Enhanced 747 Panel. (CJH_747_pnl_01.zip & CJH_747_pnl_02.zip - here) by Chris Hutchings. 1.9 MB
FS2004 panel of Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat for carrier operations. Use the bitmap image of Sergey "Araks" Golovachev (http://www.comesk.com) and use rcbco-11.zip package of Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson. By Sonny* and Benoit M. Dube of Royale French Navy 285 KB
FS2004 Boeing 727 Panel. This Boeing 727 panel has been optimized for the FS9 Virtual Airline and Virtual Cargo pilot. Built around Mike Stone's excellent FS2002 model 727 but useful on any 727. Offers good forward visibility. Clear and legible gauges, fully functional with no junky eye candy. No panel-blocking windowed radio stack or throttle quadrant, everything save for GPS is right up front where it belongs. This panel is for those of you who must fly the 727 into live traffic and bad real-world weather. Individual engine start/stop controls, fuel computer, highly readable ILS glideslope, and traditional 727 type autopilot. Tested accurate on NAV1 ILS approach coupling. Includes config files for four different night illumination choices. Requires FS2002's Concorde gauge set (available here). This panel has been designed for 1280x1024 resolution and has been tested in FS9 ONLY. By Gary Smith. 4.1MB
FS2004 Enhanced Jabiru Panel, updated from the previous panels that came with my last three Jabiru aircraft (here) . This panel utilizes photos for side views for realism. There is a diffrent improved radio stack, GPS, and icon buttons for calling up the added accessories. All extra guages are included. Panel by William Ortis, Lionheartcreations.com. 3.5MB
FS2004 Generic Fighter Panel. Configured by Francisco Silva 975K
FS2004/2002 Custom F-14 Panel. This Panel is designed for members of the Simviation Forums. It is based on actual photographs and includes mostly custom gauges, including the TCAS, HUD, and PFD. Zach Smith (Saratoga). 1.1MB
FS2004 DC-3 SINGLE IFR PANEL COMMS PACK UPDATE 2.3 This package may appeal to those who fly the DC-3 or other aircraft in multiplayer using Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont's IFR panel. The modification was initially designed for the very active virtual airline 'DC-3 Airways' (www.dc3airways.com). It updates this panel to be able to change either preset 'Teamspeak' or 'Roger Wilco' frequencies from within the cockpit with no task switch, depending on which Comms software is in use at the time. That said, the new 'Roger Wilco' switch gauge included can be added to any panel, allowing switching of preconfigured 'Roger Wilco' frequencies with no requirement for additional software other than 'Roger Wilco' itself. Offered with choice of white or orange Bendix-style readout. To use the 'Teamspeak' gauge, which appears as a light on the COM2 panel and can be switched using dialed frequencies, 'Teamspeak' Client and 'FSTSTuner' software are required. Full details are in the README. By Mark Beaumont and Matt Kaprocki. File name: DC3_COMM.ZIP (original DC panels here)
FS2004 F-14B Panel and FDE package ver 2. This package upgrades Dino Cattaneo's F14B model for FS2004. The panel features Heads Up, Heads Down and RIO views with catapult & arrestor cables control. Uses a custom FSNavigator interface for IFR, Tactical, and Aircraft Carrier Autoland. The package Includes Fuel Computer, Apollo GPS, TCAS Radar, TCAS HUD, Meatball HUD, Mini Panel, and GPWS pull-up Warnings. All HUD funtions work togeather with collective intigration. The F-14B FDE is refit from my previous F-14A FDE that was with Dino Cattaneo's visual model for FS2002. The new FDE features real world F-14B specifications, editable ordinance weights, and has all specifications listed in the FS09 Kneeboard. The autopilot is updated for fighter models with tighter turns, and minimal overshoot. The FDE also includes the latest effects for the model. Credit is given to many authors who have taken an interest in fighter aircraft. By John J Schumacher / Schu Engineering. 5.1MB