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FS 2004 Generic Sailplane Panel by Joachim Sorgenfrei. 772K
FS2004 Photoreal Boeing 757 Panel. Created entirely from real photos. Best viewed in high resolutions 1280x1014. Uses mostly standard gauges and framerate friendly. By Marco Muns. 8.3MB
FS2004 Fairchild Metroliner III High Visibility Panel. Based on the original panel design, this version offers greatly improved outside visibility both over the panel and from several of the interior cockpit views. Includes provision for independent engine control, a fuel computer, wind gauge, a multi-radio on the main panel and a few other additions designed to make this an ideal panel for Virtual Airline use. This version is VERY useful when your destination airport is tight, the weather bad, and you have no navaids to work with. Requires the Concorde gauge set (here). By Gary Smith. 1.8MB
FS2004 SAR Helicopter Panel. This is a modification of Jordan Moore's Blackhawk panel. I've increased the height of the panel (and the PFD) to make the PFD readable, added the Easy HAP autopilot, Coordinates Display, Multiplayer Radar, and ServInfo toggle. A must for any serious SAR flyers. By Ray Brower. 738K
FS2004/FS2002 Boeing 737-200 Panel. Bitmap by Jim Waters. 1.7MB
FS2004 ACS MD-11 panel & tunings, for IFDG MD-11, Overland and Mike Stone MD11. Version 2.49 full upgraded version. Probably actually, the only freeware panel with a map vector graphic gauge to include: a precise WX radar with real time beaming simulation, display of flightplan and traffics, full TCAS with alarm and vocal orders, both "MAG" and "TRK" heading mode. This package also has all featureS of well known "Swissair MD-11, the full package" (crew dialogs, cabin music, pushback with full dialogs) plus many new improvements, like a true APU simulation, a payload editor and panel night lights. A custom program allow to install/uninstall the panel and tunings on supported aircrafts, with a simple mouse click. . A freeware by: Alain Capt - ACSoft Productions. 11.7MB
FS2004 Generic High View Twin Engine Corporate Jet Panel. Configured by Francisco Silva 126K
FS2004 Generic High View Twin Engine Turboprop Panel. Configured by Francisco Silva 256K
FS2004 Generic High View Twin Engine Commercial Jet Panel. Configured by Francisco Silva 145KB
FS2004 Generic High View Single Engine Prop Panel. Configured by Francisco Silva 156K
FS2004 Generic High View Old Twin Engine Prop Panel. Configured by Francisco Silva 173K