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FS2004 Cessna Grand Caravan 208B black & grey repaint. Default C208 using Martin Wright's DXTBMP and Corel Photo-Paint 12 Includes dash mod for better contrast in cockpit view and matching splash screen. John Jones 3.9MB
FS2004 Sonerai-II Racer. Spanish homebuilt aircraft based in an american racer with two tandem seats and twin controls. Full animated GMax model, 2D panel and VC with new XML gauges, sound package and start smoke effect. All files (model, sound, panel, gauges & textures) by Xavier Gassó. 13.1MB

FS2004/2002 - Bombardier/Canadair CL415 This is my old model for fs2000/2002 updated to fs2004 of the famous canadian built fire fighting amphibious plane. This new version of the model shows four different painting schemes sported by aircrafts used by various organizations for fire fighting role. The model, made with FSDS2.24 from ABACUS features a complete redesign of animations now perfectly compatible with FS2004. This is a true amphibious plane with realistic effects in water. The model does not contain a 3d Virtual Cockpit. Visual Model and paint by Massimo Taccoli. Original Panel work from Rolf "UWE" Hockmuth modified by me with added gauges from Andrea Cini.Other paintworks by Eric Turpin.Flight Dynamics By Dennis Seeley.Copyright © March 2006 by Massimo Taccoli. 5.8MB

FS2004 (Fs2002) - Bombardier/Canadair CL415 Update This is an update to my last released model for fs2004 The update contains some improvement to model and modified textures that better reflect the real looking of the Securitč Civile CL415 model.The package contains only those files that have been modified. This file requires already installed . Visual Model and paint by Massimo Taccoli. 1.2MB

FS2004 Mike Stone's Beech B1900D Update. This is an update of the Beech b1900D by Mike Stone (here). I have updated the flight dynamics, repositioned all the contact points and added two wheels and one scrape. Bob Chicilo. 58K
FS 2004 Air Tractor AT-401 B Package. A highly specialized plane in tasks of dust croppping or fire extinguishing, capable with 2.400 lbs. useful load. Model, paint and panel by Xavier Gassó. Sound package by Aaron R. Swindle Skysong Soundworks. The aircraft includes: - 2D panel, with new XML gauges - 3D night illuminated panel - Full animated model - Fx effect - sound package - 2 x PDF archive (Spanish/english). 6.6MB
FS2004 DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter Royal Nepal Airlines. Twin Otter included in this package is built entirely in Gmax & Original Sound and includes animated wheels, doors, wing views, dynamic shine together with reflections, full moving surfaces. Premier Aircraft ( Barry Blaisdell, Steve Small ). Master textures and paint by Samy Fay, Repainted by Praz Rim. 8.1MB
FS2004 Default Beech Baron 'Spitfire' Textures. This is a Baron 58 varient made to look like a WWII spitfire. Though I made the textures myself, I'd like to give Rob Smith credit for making the Baron 58 repaint kit.It helped alot. Note: the only error I know of is that the textures don't apper from the inside. Anyhow, enjoy! by Devin McDonald. 1.2MB
FS2004 Dornier DO-328 - 'Lusitania' Red Devil. This is the complete package of Robert Versluys's beautiful design of a Dornier 328. This is a very easy airplane to fly and hopefully pleasant to the eye. I thik the red colour looks rather nice with thel ettering in white. Repaint Francis F. Silva. Original design by Robert Versluys. 3.1MB
FS2004 Dreamwings Bombardier DHC 8 Q-400 QantasLink Textures only. QantasLink recently purchased 8 brand new Q400s to operate in Queensland. There are currently 3 in service. The plane used to base these textures off is VH-QOC, the third Q400 delivered to QANTASLink. These textures are for the Dreamwings Bombardier Q-400 here. Model by Dreamwings Design, paint by me (Scott Canner) using the Dreamwing's paint kit. 1.2MB
FS 2004 Dornier DO-328-100 - 'Jack' Jet airlines are convenient because they are fast. Propellor aircraft, like this Dornier, are... beautiful. Repaint Francis F. Silva Original design by Robert Versluys. 2.7MB