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Props Page 125
FS2004/2002/CFS2 Balliol T21 RAF Textures only. This depicts WN521 which is painted in the RAF Training Command of the 1950's Requires the Balliol T21 by Kaz ito [available here] textures by UKMIL. 566K
FS2004 Default Cessna 172 Metalic Royal Blue & Gold Livery. . Who cares about Learjets when you can have this sort of luxury in a Cessna 172 ? Gold plated propellors, white rubber tyres, gold plated hub caps. Textures by Francis F Silva. 2.3MB
FS2004 Default Baron 58 "Purpura Peabody" Livery. Dedicated to my daughter and to our friend Rick Peabody and to myself... because our favourite colour is... surprise, surprise, Purple.. Textures by Francis F Silva. Enhanced sounds by ZiggyFsims. 13.8MB
FS2004 ATL.98 Carvair Night Textures Fixes for by Maarten Brouwer's repaints. (above & previous pages) This file contains correct night textures for the fuselages of the Carvairsof Air Ferry G-ASKG (see file, British United Air Ferries G-ARSD (see file, Channel Air Bridge G-ANYB, G-ASRD and G-ARSF (see file, Hawaii Pacific Air N5459M and N5459X (see file, and Hawkair C-GAAH (see file These fixes will correct the window arrangement of the night textures of the aircrafts' fuselage. 10K
FS2004 The Piper PA42 Cheyenne III version 2. On June 30, 1980 Piper began production deliveries of a new version of the Cheyenne range of twin turboprops aircraft. Intended for use as a six/11-seat corporate or commuter transprot this Cheyenne III differs considerably from it's predecessors. So much so that Piper change the designation to PA-42. It has an increased wingspan, a lengthened fuselage and a more powerful Pratt& Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A turboprop engines. Created with FSDS2.10 by John B. Loney, Jr. 5.5MB

FS2004 ATL 98 Carvair Air Ferry G-ASKG Textures only. Built a Douglas C-54A-15-DC Skymaster at Chicago, IL, for the USAAF (c/n 10382). After WW2 struck off and converted to DC-4 standard. Delivered to Braathens SAFE. Via a.o. Seaboard & Western and Interocean Airways she ended up at Stansted to be converted to a Carvair (c/n C54A-DC/10382/ATL98/10) in 1963. This Aviation Traders Carvair G-ASKG is portrayed in Air Ferry livery early 1966, named 'Channel Bridge. Together with G-APNH, KG spent some time on lease from British United to the sister firm in order to transport oil and supplies from Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania) to Lusaka (Zambia) after a UN oil embargo was established against Rhodesia, following the unilateral declaration of independence of that British colony. Carvairs were typically fitted to carry 5 cars and 22 passengers, or alternatively up to 85 passengers later more commonly used as pure freighters. .Requires ATL 98 Carvair V1.0 aircraft by Jon Walton. (FS9 Version) here or (FS8 Version) here. Textures by Jon Walton, revised by Maarten Brouwer. 1.4MB

Night texture fix Carvair KG By mistake the corrected fuselage night texture for Carvair Air Ferry G-ASKG had not been included in the Night texture fix Carvair (AT98FIX). So here it is at last. 3K

FS2004 C119 Boxcar Update. Flight dynamics update for C119 BoxCar by Daisuke Yamamoto (here). This addon was made with permission of the original modeler and has been edited to give "more" realistic flight parameters. By Robert Coady. 874K
FS2002/FS2004 ATL.98 Carvair Brooks Fuel Aviation Traders Textures only. These textures represent Aviation Traders' ATL.98 Carvair #20 as she currently (August 2006) flies with Brooks Fuel Inc. from Fairbanks, AK. Roger Brooks bought bought the aircraft in December 2002 from Hawkair Aviation Services in Canada. The following 18 months N898AT was subject of a major overhaul. On 31 August 2004 she made her first flight since overhauled and still soldiers on. These are textures only. Requires ATL 98 Carvair V1.0 aircraft by Jon Walton. (FS9 Version) here or (FS8 Version) here. Repaint, based on Jon Walton's original textures, by Maarten Brouwer. Maarten Brouwer. 790K
FS2004 Cessna 337 Skymaster Honey-green /gold Textures only(revised). This is a repaint of Mike Stone's original Cessna 337-02 (required here) Dan.Tarbox 859K
FS2004 Cessna 404 Titan Gold/Chrome: In July 1975 Cessna announced it was developing a new piston twin suitable for airline, freight and corporate work, capable of taking off with a 1560kg (3500lb) payload from a 770m (2530ft) strip, similar in concept to the successful 402, but larger overall. The resulting aircraft was the Model 404 Titan, Cessna's largest piston engined twin developed thus far. It shares the same basic fuselage as the turbine powered 441 Conquest which was developed concurrently, but differs in having geared 280kW (375hp) piston engines and it is unpressurised by John B. Loney, Jr. ---> GOLD/CHROME textures by Francis F Silva(RSDG). 2.8MB