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Props Page 138
FS2004 Vans RV4 Red Checker. This is a repaint of Felipe Belalcazar's Vans RV4 in a checkerd board paint scheme Red and Orange Textures by Mark Rooks " Fireball " of RSDG Studio. 1.4MB
FS2004/2002: HLP CUAB V8 Turbo (Custom Ultimate Aerobatic Biplane) The Ultimate in Unlimited class aerobatics capable of any manuver you can think up. Made using GMAX 1.2 Model,Textures, VC and flight dynamics by S.Hildrew of HLP designs. 1.7MB

FS2004 BN-2A Belgian "Light Aviation". Model by Marcel Kuhnt. 2D panel, textures and (light) modifications of aircraft.cfg by Pierre Fasseaux. 2.2MB
Fs2004 F-27 Mohawk Airlines Textures only, requires original aircraft by Mike Stone available here. Textures by Gary Harper . 1.1MB
FS 2004 DC-7B Eastern Airlines (EAL) 1961 Scheme Textures only. Required full model by Tom Gibson here. Textures by Gary Harper. 1.4MB
Fs2004 Convair 240 Northeast Airlines Textures only. Requires model by Tom Gibson and Greg Pepper here. Textures by Gary Harper. 1.4MB
FS2004 Team Leopards EMB Tucano Display team. Using Six Embraer 314 'Tucanos' Reg VX113 - VX119 the Leopards perform numerous aerobatic displays at many of the virtual displays. The Tucano wth its jet like performance is the perfect trainer for the RAF in preperation on moving to the BaE Hawk - The Aircraft used by The Red Arrows Virtual. With a few 'minor' adjustments it makes the perfect most easily handable stunt plane - perfect for the task in hand. Credits To For J.E.Narcizo for the original design. Textures by Tom Gill. 12.7MB
FS2004 PA22-135 Piper Tripacer aircraft and 2D panel. This aircraft, based on Brian Gladden's fs9 Tripacer (with permission), is a close duplicate of N3343A, the 1953 135 HP Piper Tripacer that I owned and flew in the mid 1960s. New textures by Mark Beaumont, new gauges and panel bitmap by Norman Hancock, improved flight dynamics and a custom Autopilot by Dave Bitzer, two gauge redesigns by Roy Chaffin, and sound file work by Andy Hatcher comprise the bulk of the changes. Simple, one-step installation. By Charles Wood. 11.7MB
FS 2004 Martin 404 Pacific Airlines Grey Textures only. Martin 404 Model by Tom Gibson and Dee Waldron (required here). Textures by Gary Harper. 1.5MB

FS2004 Fairchild PT26 RCAF. This aircraft, "Shug," is based on a PT-26 (N79109) (Serial No. FX-189) owned by Hank Avery, and operated out of Silver Creek Airport (NC52) in Morganton, North Carolina, USA. This is the entire aircraft, nothing else is needed. Original model by J.E. Narcizo. Includes a custom panel based on the one in the actual aircraft. By Dalton Walters. 4.4MB