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FS2004 Lear Fan 2100 The last design by Bill Lear, he died before it was completed. His widow and employees finished the project in his honor, and 3 aircraft were built. A remarkable hybrid made almost entirely of composites, with twin turbo jet engines driving a single pusher prop. It had a top speed of 495 kts and a ceiling of 41,000 feet. By Mike Stone. 327K
FS 2004/ 2002 Vans Rv-4 Repaint (Updated) This is a repaint for Felipe Belalcazar's Vans Rv-4. This repaint represents an Rv-4 (G-BOHW) painted Silver with US and D-Day markings. Only Textures, you need to download the original file (here) in order to use this add-on. This update fixes the textures around the Anti-Glare panel! Repaint by W. Wright. 548K

FS2004 Taylorcraft Auster MkV The Auster's ability to get in and out of small, rough fields made it a very successful "spotter" plane during WWII. From a standing start, it can take off in about 70 meters and maintain a climb of 1000ft/min to clear obstacles. Features a South African Air Force livery, full animations, virtual cockpit and custom panel. By Bjorn Buchner. 2MB

FS2004 Beechcraft Model 18 Volpar Package. The Beech 18 was one of Beechcraft's most enduring designs. In production from the late 1930's until the early 60's many are still in use all over the world. This plane represents a late Model Super H with the Volpar Trigear conversion. The Volpar kit added an extended nose and converted the plane to a tri-gear configuration rather than the stock taildragger landing gear. Features: Full FS 2004 control surface animation, Opening door (shift-E) Dynamic shine, Reflective textures, Panel, Virtual cockpit, Rolling wheels and of course full lighting. A paint kit is also included and repaints are encouraged but please only upload textures, not the whole plane Aircraft by Brian Gladden. 5.6MB

Upgrade: Panel.cfg patch to fix framerate issue. 4K

FS2004 DeHavilland DHC6-300 Twin Otter Package. Air Labrador Reg_ID: C-GJDE. Based at CYYR, Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. Now with pax wing views, Latest Taxispeed gauge and a New TCAS system. A full package with authentic panel, authentic views and custom sound. Model made in Gmax with dynamic shine, full suspension, Exits, and more. By Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, and Bob May - Premere Aircraft Design. 24MB
FS2004 1948 Cessna 170A The 170 series was very successful for Cessna; over 5000 were produced. This FSDSv2 model has alpha channel reflective surfaces, moving parts, Nav and landing lights, and a pilot figure. The 2D panel is based on a photo. A VC with working gauges is included. By Paul Clawson. 271K
FS2004 Antonov AN-2P/T Colt Version 2. . Known multi-purpose easy transport.In 2 textures: Northern polar variant of this plane ("P") and virtual private ZH-cargo airlines ("T"). GMax-model, full moving part, open door, panel with russian gauges,VC with working gauges,dynamic reflections. Model, panel and airdynamic by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 1.8MB
FS2004 1938 Fairchild 24 R, build 2.2, which includes all the updates. If you are not sure about how to place the update Service Pack into the first Fairchild F24R2, then I suggest downloading this version, as it is full and complete, having all updates carried out in it. The updates are as follows, fuel flow selector for each wing tank or both, compass in the VC panel, guages trade out for better graphics and realism, model enhancement to details, higher quality flight files which moderately improve banking manuvres and rudder input. This model features opening doors, working suspension, steering tail wheel (easier to taxi), animated control surfaces, panel, animated pop-down landing lights, reflective and dynamic shine textures, opening cowling, and 3 versions of Fairchilds color schemes. By William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd. 9.9MB

FS2004 Air Tractor 802-F Fire tanker. The AT-802 series is the world's largest single engine aircraft, and its popularity reflects the industry's trend to larger high-production turbine equipment. Whether it's used for fertilizing forests, spraying huge cotton fields, or spraying dispersant on oil spills, this plane has the productivity and performance to get big jobs done efficiently. Reflecting state-of-the-art technology in computerized fire gate controls, the AT-802F is an ideal initial attack fire fighter with the ability to get to fires quickly and the maneuverability to put them out accurately and efficiently. The reliability of the turbine engine, low maintenance and operating costs, ruggedness and safety features make it an excellent choice for fire fighting. This Flightsim Aircraft features Dynamic shine, reflective textures, full moving parts, custom 2D panel, working VC and a repaint kit. Aircraft, textures & panel by Brian Gladden, Flight Dynamics by Lizardo. 2.7MB
FS2004 DeHavilland Beaver MkI Updated for use with FS2004. Aircraft model features full moving parts, 32bit textures, custom panel and sounds. Sorry no VC, future update to include this. Panel by: Fred Choate, Sound by: Aaron Swindle, Aircraft by: Steven Grant. 4.9MB