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FS2004 Dehavilland Dash8-Q102 Provincial Airlines Package, Reg_ID: C-GPAL. A twin turboprop regional airliner. . An all new FSDS2.24 design with 2D panel, Dynamic VC, and Custom Sound. In addition, a custom TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), a complete Ground Handling module with push back and taxi speed control and the latest version GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) is included. The visual model features an opening airstair with detailed cabin interior, operating Cargo Door, lift dump and roll control spoilers, passenger wing and cabin views, and high definition reflective textures. A comprehensive set of html documents (Check List & Ref List) are included for in-flight information. A separate Panel_Docs folder with panel and systems help files, pilot's notes and more. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. 22MB
FS2004 Vanguard 952 Air Viking Textures only. The ex Air Canada Vanguards acquired by Air Holdings were flown by many airlines in the early days. Many of them were only for a short time as startup airlines took them on with high hopes only to fail or change direction. Air Viking was one of two Icelandic airlines leasing Vanguards in 1970-71. Operating this single Vanguard from a base in Keflavik it flew to many destinations even flying as far as the Canary Islands. Delivered in June 1970 it was repossessed by Air Holding when the airline failed in December of that year. This particular machine came of note when, as CF-TKD it flew the first TCA Westbound flight on 01 February 1961 and again when flying for Invicta as G-AXOY it made the last ever UK passenger Vanguard flight flying a Luton-Luton charter on 26 October 1975. Sold to EAS as F-BXOH it did not enter service but was stored as a spares source at Perpignan. Requires the FSDS Vanguard model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 685K
FS2004 Vanguard 952F Air Holdings Textures only. With quite a few unplaced Vanguards on their books, Air Holdings decided to operate some the aircraft in their own right. This aircraft had been conveted to "Merchantman" standard by the company so was pressed into service wearing the livery of British Air Ferries who at that time was owned by the group. Carrying Air Holdings titles, its career as such was brief lasting from August 1971 until January 1972 when it was sent off to join Air Trader of Sweden as SE-FTH. Later it served with Europe Aero Service as F-BUFT, then Air Gabon as TR-LBA, before ending it's days in a crash at Marseilles in Feb 1989 as F-GEJE of Inter Cargo Service. Requires the FSDS Vanguard model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 499K
FS2004 Vanguard 952F Air Canada Cargoliner Textures only. Air Canada modified only one Vanguard to a pure freighter. Called the Cargoliner it was converted at the end of 1966. Both Air Canada and BEA saw the potential of using Vanguards for pure freight. Air Canada did not go beyond this initial conversion and did not fit a freight door although all the windows were deleted. Later this became the final Air Canada Vanguard when, seven months after ceasation of passenger flights by the airline it was retired in May 1972. Sold to EAS as F-BTYB in December of that year it last flew on 29th May 1976 and was used for spares. Requires the FSDS Vanguard model by Rick Piper (here). Repaint by Garry Russell. 653K
FS2004 Aerotec T-23 Uirapurś Primary Trainer. Modelled in FSDS2 by J R Lucariny. 798K
FS2004 Fokker F-27-200 Sunshine Aviation HB-ISH Textures only. To one aircraft based between 1988 to 1992 to Bāle-Mulhouse. Serial number 10260. Sunshine Aviation (1985-1993). Textures only, requires original aircraft by Mike Stone here. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 301K
FS2004 Vanguard 952F Silver City Airways Textures only. On return from lease with Air Trader of Sweden G-AYLD found itself again without immediate placement so Air Holdings set outbout using the machine again. This time the name Silver City was resurrected. Air Holdings owned the name as it was owner of British Air Ferries who had acquired the name in the merger that formed Britsh United Air Ferries. The days of mass Bristol Freighter flights was not to be repeated as the lone Vanguard plodded about from February to November 1973. It was to be joined by G-AYFN which was delivered in March but did not enter service as it was needed for lease to a re-financed Invicta. That aircraft's place was to be taken by a BEA aircraft on lease but that machine was not delivered and toward the end of the year it was decided not to continue flying. Silver City quietly faded away again, but this time it was for ever. Requires the FSDS Vanguard model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 497K
FS2004 Vanguard 952 Invicta International Textures only. (ex Air Trader) This aircraft was one of the Air Holdings stock and had been on lease to Air Trader of Sweden. After it's return it was leased to Invicta International in March 1973 still in the Swedish operators livery. It was sold to Invicta in October of that year. Starting life as CF-TKB with Trans Canada Airlines, this aircraft like so many of the type 952 ended it's career with Europe Aero Service and as F-BXAJ flew it's last service on 27th July 1979. Requires the FSDS Vanguard model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 581K
FS2004 Fokker F-27-200 Crossair Textures only. Real livery to one aircraft based to Bāle-Mulhouse. Serial number 10137.Textures only, requires original aircraft by Mike Stone here .Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 279K
FS2004 Robin HR200 This aircraft is built for FS2004 and may or may not work in FS2002. The aircraft supplied in this package is supplied as is, on a take it or leave it basis. Issues with this package will be addressed solely at my discretion. The base textures folder in this zip file contains base (unpainted) texture files for use in repainting. Mike Stone. 340K