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FS2004 Viscount 735 Guernsey Airlines 1979 Textures only. In April 1978 Alidair bought the three Viscounts from Iraqi Airlines. One had been damaged beyond repair in a landing accident a few years before and was a spares source and the other two flew to Castle Donnington to be prepared for service. One went to Alidair Scotland as G-BFMW while this machine became G-BFYZ with the newly formed Guernsey Airlines. Taking up UK marks on 1st December 1978 it was leased to Guernsey Airlines on the 6th of the same month. the airline was up and running for the summer season or 1979. Wearing the name "Sarnia" the aircraft served throughout the Alidair network, with its Guernsey services often being operated by Alidair machines. This was not to be a long career as on October 25 1979 while landing at Kirwall the number four propeller struck the ground causing it to veer off the runway and the undercarriage to collapse. It was replaced by G-BDRC. Requires the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 577K
FS2004 Viscount 807 GB Airways 1988 Textures only. Operated for many years by Gibraltar Airways, later renamed GB Airways was this single ex New Zealand National Airways Corporation Viscount 807. Bought through BEA who had up until then supplied aircraft for the airline, it operated on the Tangiers hop from it's delivery to Gibraltar in early 1974 until damaged beyond repair in a nosewheel collapse on the 23 November 1988 after aquaplaning off the runway. In later years it occasionally operated service for BAF on busy weekends. This paint depicts the aircraft at the end of it's career Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here.Repaint Garry Russell. 530K
FS2002/2004 Bristol Britannia 312F G-AOVS Recoat Cargo Textures only. Redcoat Britannia Textures for FS2002/2004. Original model by Mike Stone (required here), revamped by Ben Hartmann. 389K
FS2004 Viscount 812 Cyprus Airways N501TL Textures only. To cover for aircraft shortages Cyprus Airways leased a number of Viscounts from different operators. This one on lease from Alidair was in service between March and May of 1976 wearing a modified Tennessee Gas basic livery. Three months after it's return to Alidair it was sold in the Far East.Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper.Repaint Garry Russell. 395K
FS2004 Tecnam P92 Echo Super. Super is a two-seater side by side, single strut braced, high wing aircraft. The plane has outstanding performance and flying qualities. These aircraft are an excellent solution for flying schools and training. Includes custom panel, model, and paint school by Alex Sacchi. 4.5MB

FS2004 Dehavilland Dhc8-106 ERA Aviation Package. A 37 seat twin turboprop regional airliner. ERA Aviation Reg: N883EA, Based in Anchorage Alaska. All new FSDS design with 2D panel, dynamic VC, Sound, wing views, full moiving parts, dynamic shine, operating airstair & cargo door, new FD, HTML Check/Ref lists and more. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. 21.6MB
FS2004 Cessna 150 Aerobat in Clacton Aero Club colours - Textures only: Unofficial repaint for J.E.Narcizo's brilliant C150F (available here) in the colours of the real-world pleasure flight company/flight instruction school's 150 Aerobat G-BJTB, based at EGSQ in England. Why download this repaint? It's a matter of taste- I like it better than the default skin, so if you do too, download it :D Repaint taken from a photo. By T Mortimer. 1.2MB
Fokker F-27 Friendship, Fokker Heritage Flight Textures only. , This is a repaint of the Fokker F27 "F5", as operated by the Fokker Heritage Flight. Registration: PH-FHF (MSN 10105). You need the original model of the F27-200 here made by Mike Stone.Repaint by Jaap de Baare. 356K
FS2004 Zlin Z-142 Package. Zlin Z-142 is Czechoslovak all metal, two seat, sports and training plane. It's intended for basic or advanced training, for aerobatics training and for IFR and night flying. FS model includes e.g. photorealistic 2D panel, dynamic and clickable 3D virtual cockpit with working gauges and with moving controls, animated pilots, canopy reflections, LOD models (optimized for multiplayer flying). Authors: Milan Lisner (model, textures), Jiri Masnik (panel, documentation), Tibor Kokai (sounds), Lubor Schwarz (documentation). 5.8MB