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Scenery Page 114
FS2004 UKMIL RAF Kinloss AI Pack 2008. Military ai scenery for Kinloss, Scotland. UKMil. 1.8MB
FS2004 UK RAF/USAAF Airfields. Here is a collection of a few USAAF airfields that were used during WWII. I have included Google Earth shots of what the locations look like today as well as pictures taken during the 1940's of what the airfields actually looked like. I have tried to be as acccurate as possible and some of the airfields are not complete yet. Feel free to finish them and try to be as accurate as possible based on the photos of the real thing during that time frame. You will have to turn down the scenery settings for the fields to look right, otherwise you get buildings and trees in the middle of the runways. You will also need AFCAD2.2 for these files to work. 1.8MB
FS2004 Area 51 / Groom Lake Scenery Pack v1.0. This package will add the missing Area 51 airport (credited as KXTA according to some sources) to FS2004. Includes the airport including buildings and antenna arrays on Bald Mountain and Papoose Mountain, new KLAS, KLSV, KINS to add appropriate parking. Also includes a Janet repaint for the default B737-400 and an AI F-22 Raptor along with AI flight plans. By Ted Thompson. 5.4MB
RAF College Cranwell Package. Originally it was going to be simply named RAF Cranwell Part 3, but due to many additions and changes to textures, both parts 1 and 2 are now included and the package has been renamed RAF College Cranwell.This Version is for FS2004 only, but may have some functionality in FSX SP1; however no support will be given for this version in FSX. By Keith Steadman. 16.2MB
FS2004 RAF Barkston Heath This scenery has been made available to compliment Keith Steadman’s RAF College Cranwell scenery for FS9 There are 2 Versions of Barkston, one for FS9 and the other for the various versions of FSX (FSX, SP1, SP2 and AccelerationBy Stephen Legg & Keith Steadman. 3.5MB
FS2004 Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Scenery II. Located near Inverness Scotland United Kingdom. Take off From Inverness Airport and fly West accross the river Ness near Lock Ness. Contenue to fly West until you see the dark forest. After you clear the dark forest you fly over Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. This is a fantasy flight Hogwarts is the fictional School that Harry Potter attended for seven years. This also incudes updates to Heathow Airport in London. This lenghtens 5 R and 23 L to 15000 feet. This is to accomindate the Airbus 333 Hogwarts Express. Gate 64 is where the Hogwarts Express is Parked. Now the Hogwarts students can fly to school instead of taking the train. Includes Airbus A333 repainted in "Hogwarts Express" livery. Hogwats is design by Gary L Varnam. 15MB

FS2004 Jahnsdorf/Chemnitz (EDCJ) Airport Germany. Requires Static Object Libraries from Rwy12 Object Placer V1.2 here to show the scenery objects. By Stan Sanchez. 2.8MB

FS2004 vGAF Helicopter Training Center Version 1.0 at the Army Training Area Munster, Germany, in the near of Fassberg Army (ETHS). Andreas -HueyTeam- Guethling. 27.5MB
FS2004 New York City Enhancements Brooklyn CGAS and WTC. Brooklyn CGAS is reopen for the small airplane pilot. A road goes to the brooklyn Bridge from the airport that you can drive on at any speed.New bildings added to the Brooklyn area to show that you are in the city. World Trade Center is included in this improvement untill there is a download of the freedom tower to replace the world trade center the aurthor is unknown. By Gary L Varnam. 9.2MB
FS2004 TJBQ Puerto Rico Communication Update. Fixes the ground frequency for tower communications. 5K