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Scenery Page 116
FS2004 Jahnsdorf/Chemnitz (EDCJ), Airport, Germany. Version 1.1. Requires Runway 12 Static Objects Librarys (here) Stan Sanchez. 3.3MB
FS2004 Little Whingings fictional town that Harry Potter lived in with the Dursleys. This naighberhood is the most boring place to be if you were Harry Potter. Included is 4 Privet Drive the only house with a drive way so this place can be found easily. A shopping mall next door and a primary School with play graound area. Grunnings were Mr. Dursley works. All those places are made to look boring. Now you can expereance the suffer that Harry Potter went through. By Gary L Varnam. 10.2MB
FS2004 'Harry Potter' Charing Cross Road Scenery. This is a combination of several places. The Leaky Cauldron, The claster of buildings tha houses Diagon Ally, Number 12, Grimmauld Place, and roads to get you to King Cross Train Station. Also near by is Image_080407_105545 for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Any brick building will do. Made by AFCAD and EZ-Senery. Gary L Varnam. 9.4MB
FS2004 Frank Lenihan Municipal Airport (KPFL) scenery . This is a fictious airport, located near Lustre, Montana. This scenery is dedicated to Frank Lenihan, a fellow flightsim enthusiast, and will hopefully provide many flights of enjoyment. Features navaids, including IFR, plus provision for refuelling and tower services. Created by Brian Sturton. 326K
FS2004 The Harry Potter Scenery Package. This Pakage includes Hogwarts, Little Whingings, Little Hangelton, Ottery Staint Catchpole, Quittich world Cup Stadium in Ireland, and Grogic Hollow.ECt Open each folder and follow the intructions. Also make sure you need to load the EZ-Senery Libary (included in pack) only once. By Gary L Varnam. 25MB
FS2004 'Harry Potter' Grodic's Hollow. This little town is where Harry Potter lived in his first year of his live. After his first birthday on that fateful day on 31/10/1981, Voldemort came to that house and murder the Potters. Only Harry's mother Lilly, Secrafice her life for her baby. With this act, Voldemort's Spell back fires distoying his body and only leaving a scar on Harry's forehead. Hagrid flew Harry on a flying motercycle to Little Whinging. The house is set up as a mormorial. After the new of the death of Voldemort, the Magical community celebrated that day. Harry is known as the boy who lived. Harry Potter books are by J.K Rowling. Made by AFCAD and EZ-Senery. Gary L Varnam. 1MB Requires EZ-Libraries 8.4MB
FS2004 'Harry Potter' Little Hangelton UK. This is the Place that Harry Potter was taken to after being kednapped from Hogwarts. There Voldemort made his rebirth. Harry Potter was extremly lucky to escape from Voldemort. Cedric Dogery was murder there as well. The Grave site is the dark green areas near the road. This the most scarest sites done on Flight Simulator. Made by AFCAD and EZ-Senery. Gary L Varnam. 1.4MB Requires EZ-Libraries 8.4MB
FS2004 'Harry Potter' The Quidditch World Cup. In 1994 the event was held in Ireland. Harry Potter and his friends attended the event. The Quidditch stadium is huge and it had every inch of it had an anti-Muggle charm place on it to keep the Muggles away. Also is where Harry saw the first sign that Voldemort is about to return.Gary L Varnam. 1MB Requires EZ-Libraries 8.4MB
FS2004 Canberra Strategic Projection Ship LHD. This is a repainting of the LHD (Strategic Projection Ship) Juan Carlos I, previously delivered to simviation, in Australian paintscheme. The Spanish ship is now under construction by Navantia in the shipyard of Fene-Ferrol (Spain). She combines the ability of performing amphibious operations and helicopter and V-STOL flight operations, with AV8B+ Harrier and probably JSF 35 in the future. The Australian Navy has recently contracted the construction of two LHD ships based on the Spanish one to replace the HMAS Tobruk and one Newport class Kanimbla ship. The first one is to be delivered in 2013 by Navantia and Tenix industries shipyards . Full landable deck made with AFCAD. Deck lights for night flights added. Alberto García Lledó. 2.2MB
FS2004 Hobart Aegis Destroyer With landable deck.. The Hobart class is a development of the Spanish F100 class, the first european design with the Aegis system, developed by Lockheed-Martin. Australia has recently contracted the construction of three AEGIS destroyers based on the Spanish frigate, the first one to be delivered in 2013 by the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) Shipbuilding It is able to detect and track until 90 movile objectives. The profile of the ship has been designed to reduce the radar echo. She carries a SH60B Lamps helicopter. Alberto García Lledó. 3.2MB