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FS2004 New World Trade Centre. Having gotten tired of looking at Lower Manhattan in its current dismal state and not wanting to look at ghosts during approach, I decided to take a crack at the New World Trade Center. This package contains the first two buildings to be completed at Ground Zero. These are not fictional, these are the actual design for the NWTC. They are as accurate as I could make them without going out of my way too much. John Townsend. 359K
FS2004, Raiatea airport, Uturoa, French Polynesia....NTTR This is a total update of the airport at Raiatea in French Polynesia. It is the largest airport in the Society Islands outside of Tahiti. This scenery contains a new realistic terminal, the rustic hangar area, and the tower, along with tropical landscaping, and an afcad by Ray Smith. This island along with all of the Society Islands of French Polynesia are among the most beautiful paradises on Earth. They can all be greatly enhanced by using the terrain mesh by John Applegate, and Rolf Keibel, updated for FS2004 under the name of There are also some new landclass files for this area which will also greatly enhance this forgotten area in FS, and their location is available in the read me file of this scenery. By: Bill Melichar. 3.2MB
FS2004 US North Cascades Mountains and Northwest Washington Coast The files in this package completely replace the FS default landscape of the North Cascades Mountains and coastal areas of northwestern Washington State. Between Bellingham and Arlington (N-S), Orcas Island and Lake Chelan (W-E) you can now enjoy your VFR flights with accurate locations of coastlines, lakes, rivers, streams, roads, railroads, and power lines, as well as land use type (landclass) and terrain (add-on mesh). Also added are the larger glaciers of the majestic North Cascades volcanoes and peaks as well as several forestry roads and clearcuts outside the National Park and Wilderness areas. Made mostly with Christian Fumey's "Ground2K4" and Jim Keir's "Slartibartfast". Fully compatible with the recent freeware LOD10 add-on meshes of the western US. Mesh and landclass files will work in FS2002 but not the special scenery enhancements. Holger Sandmann. 13MB
FS2004 Bristol 'International' Airport V3, UK A complete replacement of my V2 scenery features new and improved textures in DXT format with night & seasonal changes, new custom macro's and an ILS fix. By Birdman. 2.1MB
FS2004 Davis-Monthan AFB (KDMA) Upgrade - This adds 11 parking places 2 helipads and also has the real names for the taxi ways. By: Ryan Osborne. 87K
FS2004 Improvements to Tucson, Az -This makes improvments to all of Tucson, Arizona. It adds 11 parking places and 2 helipads to Davis-Monthan AFB. In Tucson International all gates are numbered per the terminal map and assignments made as per current Airport Information. Military gates are for the 162 nd Arizona Air National Guard. Gates are listed in descending order to assist PAI aircraft fill them accordingly. It also adds realistic buildings to the Tucson city. By: Ryan Osborne, Kent Fortney, and Toni Hiltunen. 332K
FS2004 Update and fix for the scenery of Grantley Adams Intl. Airport (here). This patch add semi-transparent texture on the control tower windows,adding light night for the boxe along runway and taxiway and remove the shadow of apis light night area which visible on the ground during the day when the shadow option is swiched in FS 2004 By: Christian Delblond. 608MB
FS2002 Base of Aviation of Taubaté - São Paulo - Brazil. Robson Soares Rodrigues. 333K
FS2004 23 AFCAD2 files of South Western Australia Airstrips with NDB's together with an "Exclude" Folder which contains exclude and flatten bgl's. Installation instructions are included Derek Froud. 37K
FS2004 AFCAD2 File For KSVN - HAAF Hunter Army Airfield located in Savannah GA. Made to work with stock scenery and realistically portray HAAF which is the Army Support airbase for Fort Stewart. By James Heany. 207K
FS2004 Changi International Airport Singapore & AI Traffic. Changi International Airport is built in 1975 spanning an area of 1,300 hectares, Singapore Changi Airport is located at the eastern tip of Singapore, some 20 kilometres from the city centre. By Arjuna Chiththananda. 247K