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FS2004 Le Bic Scenery and Airfield, Quebec. Le Bic region, on the South shore of the St.Lawrence River is very beautyfull to visit. My rendering of the scenery is fictitious so is the airfield that I added. This site is loaded with candies, see pictures. Animated Northern Lights greatly enhances the scenery. The airfield has no runway. Just land on the grass. At night, a runway is lit with kerosene torches as it was done then. Should work also in FS2002. Created by Leon Louis. 5.9MB
FS 2004 - American Samoa - Exclude file. An exclude file ( eliminates undesirable objects from the default scenery ) which allows the use of Bill Melichar's superb addon scenery titled "Pago Pago International Airport and City" (here) initially created for use in FS 2002 until he publishes a FS 2004 version + 2 Acrobat documents. By Marc Renaud. 1.7MB

FS2004 HMS Ark Royal IV, UK Carrier. , in the straits of Gibraltar. Britain's Greatest warship last of the Royal Navy "big carriers" By James Smith and Bruce Baker. 517K

Update texture and platform fix for HMS Ark Royal. 428K

FS2004 Society Islands Scenery. Other freeware required:- 1. Bill Melichar's 2004 scenerys:- so far Bora Bora Airport ( - here), Bora Bora Hotels V2 (below) Huahine ( - here) and tahiti ( - here) Make sure these are layered above my scenery in the FS9 scenery library 2. French Polynesia mesh for CFS2 by Rolf Keibel and John Applegate (here)Designed by James Thompson. 50K
FS2004 Comoros Islands. Corrects the land/sea layout which was wrong in FS2004. By James Thompson. 244K

FS2004 Bremerton National Airport (KPWT), WA, Package. This beautiful Washington State airfield has been recreated from extensive digital photos and photoreal textures. Features a fully equipped 6200' x 150' ILS runway and ATC. A wide variety of highly detailed structures include two hangars with full interiors. Fully animated pilot-operated hangar doors. Compatible with all known mesh terrains and FS Genesis Landclass. Full seasonal and night lighting effects. AFCAD2 file, optional AI traffic, full documentation included. Requires Gerrish Gray Tree Library (TREES_V3.ZIP) for complete effect. By Mark Smith, MS Scenery. (See also KPWTUP1.ZIP). 21MB

FS2004 Bremerton National Airport, Washington (WA), Upgrade 1. These chainlink fence textures replace the current textures found at Bremerton National for FS2004 by MS Scenery. These textures were reworked, recolored, and compressed to a new format by Mike "Doc" Apsey. They directly replace their counterparts inside your KPWT texture folder. They look more natural and have greatly reduced texture shimmering. Requires base install of MSSKPWT.ZIP. By Mark Smith and Mike Apsey. 147K

FS2004 USAF A-10's for Davis-Monthan AFB. -This adds 18 scenery A-10's to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. All A-10's are scenery not AI because, it is easier on poor graphic cards. By: Ryan Osborne, 5.5MB
FS2004 Tucson (KTUS) Tower. This adds a realistic tower too the old tower at Tucson International. Created with Gmax. By: Ryan Osborne . 55K
FS2004 Wintery Haze FX. This program will add a wintery haze on the ground much like a blowing snow haze much like you would see while driving down the highway during a snow storm. 176K