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FS2004 Oakland/Troy (7D2) airport, Troy, Michigan (MI). Includes AFCAD2 file. By Mike Magner. 634K
FS2004 Alaska AFCADs Version 101604. The files contained in this version of Alaska AFCAD files for FS2004 are intended for users that understand how to use AFCAD files and traffic in FS2004. THIS RELEASE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This file contains AFCAD files for most of the approximately 700+ airports in Alaska. Also included are sample flight plans for airports covered as well as an Excel Spreadsheet detailing airports, changes and progress. No previous versions required. By Chris Coarse. 2.9MB
FS2004 Pacific Region Air Bases AFCAD files. This package includes AFCAD2 files for USAF PACAF bases as well as Navy and Marine Corps air stations and a couple AMC and ACC bases. A total of 23 AFACAD files are included. This collection created using Lee Swordy's AFCAD2 (you must already have AFCAD2 installed on your computer before using these files) Rob Danser. 612K
FS2004 Alternative Inland Water Textures. Makes textures less blue & less dark. As always back up your original files in case you prefer them. By Matt Wier. 320K
FS2004 Terrain Mesh for Spanish Islands Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera - processed by the SRTM global processor and sampled at 3 arcseconds. Try it out and send me a mail To install just copy that folder into youre "Addon Scenery" and make the Scenery active - restart youre FS - thats it enjoy Stefan Braunewell. 5.1MB
FS2004 Nazca Land Drawings, Peru, must be seen from the air. The site is located in a desert about 20 miles north-west of the Nazca airport, and it contains some 25 large-size figures, drawn on the ground many hundreds of years ago. From what I read, it is uncertain who made the lines, and no one knows why. Mistical theories abound, including that astronauts were somehow involved in the drawings. Fern Marques. 149K

FS2004 TKPK Robert L.Bradshaw International airport of St KITTS and NEVIS Caribbean Islands. Scenery of : "Robert L.Bradshaw" International Airport of St KITTS Caribbean Island for FS 2004 . By: Delblond Christian. 3.9MB

Patch: This file fix the scenery elevation of "Robert L.Bradshaw" International Airport of St Kitts for people using the scenery of West Indies by Chris Wilkes. 335K

FS2004 Scenery/ ST Mary`s EGHE, Isles of Scilly, UK. Photoreal terminal and Emergency Tender, Included is the Afcad file Author Paul Roberts. 1.1MB
FS2004 Warsaw Okecie (EPWA) Airport, Poland, ver.1.9d. New version of the Warsaw Okecie (EPWA) scenery featuring improved textures, photorealistic buildings and gates. Updated for FS2004. Airport with realistic taxiways, apron stands and properly aligned AI traffic. Warsaw Babice (EPBC) aerodrome included. New AFCAD files added. Designed by Marek Sikorski. 2.2MB
FS2004 AFCAD Installer file for RAF Leuchars, Scotland, UK. This is my first try at AFCAD so please forgive any mistakes. Drop this file into your AFCAD installer screen. Taxiways and parking slots for military combat aircraft. Populate the slots with your own AI military fighters. I used the Panavia Tornado F3's from 56 Squadron. I have included my own aircraft and flightplan files from TrafficTools to give you an idea. By Dave Brynolf. 20K
FS2004 - Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan by Al Heline and Jim Bosworth includes the Houghton - Hancock Drawbridge, the Quincy Mine, Copper Harbor Lighthouse and Hilltop Observation Point. Shorelines, rivers and lakes now match aerial photos. Special effects are utilized including night time light reflection from the Hancock bridge obstruction lights, and the rotating light beam on the lighthouse. Additional information is available in the Documentation folder. 8.6MB