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FS2004, Los Angeles International Airport..KLAX Description: This is my first complete new scenery for FS2004, and it enhances the entry and inside of the default FS LAX. It has all new pylons at the entry to the airport, which now light up in color synchronization with the tower and restaurant structure at the airports center, just like the real light show at this airport. The LAX sign as you enter the airport is also included here. The palm trees throughout the airport are now more politically correct for the Southern California area, and what you would see at the real airport. There are also airport vans in various airline liveries parked near the terminals of their perspective airlines. There is now much greater night traffic flowing through the airport, roadway overlaps have been cleaned up, and the 405 Freeway has been shortened from my previous version to conserve on frame rates, but still provide the visual impact when landing here. This scenery should also be completely compatible with FS2002, but the tarmacs have been removed since they now exist in FS2004. By: Bill Melichar. 1.7MB

See update below ..

FS2004, LAX Version 3 Update.....KLAX By: Bill Melichar This file is a very simple installation which updates the add on scenery to include much improved pylons at the airport entrance, and the LAX sign in the same location. The pylons have been revised so the day textures no longer have a pink and blue hue, and are completely off white. New night textures light up the pylons in more vivid and bright hues to match the airport restaurant, and tower. The LAX sign has also been revised to resemble the real thing. The letters have been reworked to make them less block like. They have also been compressed to make each letter thinner, and appear taller. You must have installed in order to use this update. 120K
FS2004 Autogen World Summer Textures from air photographs, v1.03. Package come with three different altitude - sharpness - raster. All textures are adjusted air photos. Very nice addition to FS2004 Ground textures ! By A. Meyer. 4.7MB
FS2004 Sheffield City Airport V1, EGSY, UK - Sheffield city airport is a charming little general aviation airport geared towards single engine props & helicopters. Created using FS9 XML tools & Gmax. Includes AI flightplans. By Birdman. 1.1MB
FS2004 Michigan Military Project V3.0. This is an on-going project that includes scenery, AFCAD2 files, flightplans, and most of the required repaints to activate military-use airports in Michigan. Scenery includes Selfridge ANGB (KMTC), Battle Creek ANGB (KBTL), Alpena CRTC(formerly Phelps-Collins ANGB- KAPN), Grayling AAF(including bombing range- KGOV), and Grand Ledge AAF (4D0). Flightplans for training flights and semi-recent deployments are for the following flying units: 107th FS, 171st AS, 63rd ARS, 172nd FS, CGAS Detroit, CGAS Traverse City, and Michigan Civil Air Patrol. Requires TTools and Nova Gold Textures 1 (here) .by Matt Magner. 9.3MB
FS2004 EGNL Walney Island Airfield, UK. Hello Simmers, Like you may be I am a bit of a perfectionist, and when I saw my local airfield was just 2 runways ONLY, I decided to do something about it. So I made this add-on to correct the numerous faults and make the airport match its aerial photos. I have also added some AI traffic which resides in the hangers. This is all rolled up in a neat Installer for your convenience. (NOT Flight Simulator 2002 compatible) Happy Flying, Bracken Dawson. 8.7MB
FS2004 Azores AFCADs. The focus of this project is the airports in the Azores Archipelago, which are part of Portugal. The flying in this beautiful region is interesting and is often a challenge. Included in this package are AFCAD files, sample flight plans for airports covered as well as an Excel Spreadsheet detailing the airports covered. By Chris Coarse. 835K

FS2004 Lake Island Cove Scenery. In conjunction with: Misty Moorings Inc. & Misty Fjord Scenery This scenery addon is designed for use with Holger Sandmann's Misty Fjord scenery mesh. Located on an island in Misty Fjord (N*55 44.91' W130* 35.18') it's surroundings, are on a decent size lake and equally surrounded by majestic mountains. On the Isalnd it includes a Bar & Grill and attached Lounge, guest cabins, 2 seaplane docking areas, barn & dynamic objects & sound for use with Lago. Mike Woolsey. 22MB

Lake Island Cove Growth Update..... This scenery is an addition to the original Lake Island Cove, available also at you will need to have the prior version installed for proper views. It adds a newly built Main Registration Office for guest's, and a Ticket counter for Glacier Tour Tickets. Also a few FSE people were added by the ticket counter. 833K

FS2004 American Airlines AI Traffic v3.0 These flight plans may not be the original flight plans from American Airlines. Below I have included the aircraft that comes with this package. "Boeing 727-100" "Boeing 727-200" "Boeing 737-800" "Boeing 757-200" "Boeing 767-200" "Boeing 767-300". Compiled by : David Hays. 8.5MB