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Scenery Page 61
FS2004 Space Shuttle 05 Lauch Site.. No bad check valves here..go ahead and launch..includes an additional launchpad at Cocoa beach for a space shuttle that is ready to go..over and over..animation timing is looped for initial launch.. A flight is included if you have lost your old one while waiting.. By Ron Jeffers. 809K
FS2004 Pontiac Oakland County Airport (KPTK) Scenery for Oakland County International airport (KPTK) near Pontiac, Michigan. Oakland County airport is the second busiest airport in Michigan and the sixth busiest general aviation airport in the nation. Scenery by Mike Magner. 593K
FS2004 Roatan International Airport, Roatan, Honduras. MHRO. Henry Carcamo. 3.2MB
FS2004 Waterspout. The weather is heating up and getting a bit nasty..ever wish you could do something about it? Now you can..Fly a waterspout/tornado in FS9 and make it go where (you) want it to your weather vortex blow up water on the sea and then transform blowing up dirt as it hits land..take it downtown in your favorite city and proove the FS weatherman wrong..a flight scenario is included and weather instructions for best effect in FS9.. By-Ron Jeffers. 6.9MB
FS2004/2002 Tornado..This is the Land includes debree flying..and lightning flash at your will-by pressing the I key..For best realistic will need the active camera program.. which produces a flyby of the tornado you wont Ron Jeffers. 6.9MB
FS2004 RAF Wittering, UK, AFCAD file. RAF wittering is a little airfield, laid in the east midlands, this file will update the airfield so it has neccersary parking spaces and taxiways/scenery. 3K
FS2004 Atlanta Scenery - 2005 This is a set up for KATL using Rwy12 Scenery Creator. Rwy12 Object Placer required (here). If you don't have it, then you won't see anything, because all the scenery files come from having Rwy 12 installed on your computer. .By: Adam J. Sereika. 820K
FS2004 Detroit City Airport (KDET) Scenery. Scenery for Coleman A. Young Municipal (KDET) airport in Detroit, Michigan. Includes AFCAD 2 file and landclass. By Mike Magner. 443K
FS2004 Portland International Airport, Portland. Or. This scenery is a complete makeover for the default Portland International airport in Portland. Rojeet Singh. 337K
FS2004 Santa Rosa de Conlara International Airport, Argentina ( SAOS ).It is the airport of Villa de Merlo resort town , located in San Luis Province .Built in a valley surrounded by mountains. it is a completely new airport , opened in 2001 and despite its size and traffic it has a telescopic passenger bridge.New AFCAD2 and new Landclass.By Jorge Pagano. 1.4MB