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F2004 Secret Air Base Package. This is a very large secret air base that doesn't exist. I had to invent everything in it: the runways, the dry lake, most of the buildings, the fuel tank farm, satellite communication dishes, etc. Because it doesn't exist and it is all a product of everybody's imagination, I had to take some creative liberties as to what the buildings look like, what kind of traffic flies in and out of it, and what people you might see around the patch. You can, however, search around the Net for satellite images of the area and maybe you'll find something in the same location. My base has avgas and jet fuel, ILS, NDB and VOR, etc., it shows in the Map and GPS. Frequencies, names, etc., are my invention. I had a lot of fun doing it. Hope you might have some fun flying around it, and even going farther into, say, New Mexico, or following some of the traffic going south quite frequently. The scenery includes a crashed unidentified aircraft at the most probable lat and long I could find on the Net. It is a bit heavy on the frame rate, but the size of the zip file is due to the addon aircraft, not the scenery. I tried to name all objects with clear, identifyable names, so you can delete anything you don't like. By Fern Marques. 18.2MB
FS2004 LRAR Arad, Romania Airport. Made with AFCAD using information from AIP Romania contains updated navaids and layouts of the airport. By Voicu Maris Size: 33K
FS2004 Default Bridge and Object Fixes, NYC, New York. - Fixes the sunken George Washington Bridge and many other bridges and landmarks within 50 miles of New York City. Designed for use with FS 9.1, FSG 38m mesh, and UT/USA (should also work with USA Roads). I only repositioned default objects to their correct locations, I did not create any new scenery. Fixed stuff: All NYC and Newark bridges (major, not autogen) up to Bear Mountain in the north and south to about the Verrazanno plus added a few bridges; Belmont Racing track; Shea Stadium; Meadowlands Stadium; Added Meadowlands Race track; World's Fair Tower; US Open Stadium. By Thomas Perry. 115K
FS2004 Borealis Operations Center. Borealis is a fictional scenery far up north on Banks Island, Canada. It is the main military establishment for Aeroworks-Technologies' production aircraft. It's purpose is military missions and is very much like Groom Lake or Tonopah Test Range in the real world. Scenery by Joshua Nyhus. 2.9MB
FS2004 Srtm Ireland Waters Include waters scenery for Ireland - designed with srtm waterbodies data - Featuring - rivers - lakes - shorelines for the whole of Ireland - use default roads and streams. designed with scenery builder by Raimondo Taburet. 2.8MB
FS2004 Vagar Airport (EKVG) is located on the Faroe islands, between Scotland and Iceland. Features include parkable hangars, accurate control tower, accurate buildings, many vehicles, car parks, cargo terminal, fire-station, boats, nearby villages and more. Many night textures and custom AFCAD file included. The airport is at N62* 03.8177' and W7* 16.6332'. Tim Clayton. 430K
FS2004 KMHT Manchester Airport Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Serves Manchester and Hillsboroughugh County and is owned by the City Of Manchester. The airport has more than one runway. The longest is a paved runway extending 7001 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 234 feet at a distance of about 3 miles from Manchester. Created using FSDS2, Rwy12, Lago's FSE, AFCAD2 and Traffic Tools2.x. Be sure to read the readme file about this scenery. By John B. Loney, Jr. 2MB
FS2004 Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth, UK. A 3D single object representing the 'Spinnaker Tower' which was opened in October 2005. The Tower is a concrete, steel and composite structure that rises 170 metres from the sea adjacent to Gunwharf Quays and has three high-level trapezoidal tourist viewing platforms that vary in sizes and heights & which offer extensive views over Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent on the South Coast of England. This scenery is VFR Photographic Scenery (Central & Southern England) and FSTerran scenery compatible. By B.Semmens . 320K
FS2004 USS Lexington CV-2 This FS2004 scenery object is an improved model from my previous Prewar Lexington. It has much greater detail and improved textures. It has a hardened deck for take-offs and landings, deck lights and a rotating beacon. A wake effect is included. The vessel is located just off the San Diego, Ca. Naval Station. The necessary .mdl and .xml files are included so it can be relocated with Bglcomp. The neccesary additions to the rcbco-20 catapult and arrestor gear files are included. By Paul Clawson. 203K
FS2004 CV-74 USS Stennis This scenery object is an update from my previous version which had a hardened deck and a carrier wake effect. It now has deck lights, fantail lights. more visible arrestor cables, rotating beacon and a rotating radar antenna. The .mdl and xml files are included so it can be relocated with Bglcomp. It is presently located just off the San Diego Naval Station. The text files for the rcbco-20 catapult and arrestor zones are also included. By Paul Clawson. 1.1MB