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Scenery Page 81
FS2004 Vung Tau Airfield Vietnam, late 60's era. A model of Vung Tau Airfield, a major US Army facility om the Cape St. Jacques Peninsula about 60 km SE of Saigon. Vung Tau is a seaside resort city. It was a popular in-country R&R center during the Vietnam War. Surrounded by high hills, Vung Tau was fabled for its beautiful scenery and mild climate. (Unfortunately, the default FS 2002 terrain mesh is flat.) This scenery was designed for FS 2002 but it should work in FS 2004. George Knowles. 206K
FS2004 Dalat / Camly Airfield, Saigon as it was in 1969. Located in a mountainous region about 100 miles northeast of Saigon, Dalat / Camly was the headquarters of the 362nd Signal Company. The model is intended to replace the default Camly airport in MS Flight Simulator. The default airport has only a single runway, whereas Dalat / Camly airfield had two parallel 4,400' runways in 1969. Also, like most small FS airports, the default airport has no buildings, parking ramps or other details. George Knowles. 297K
FS2004 An Khe Airfield and the An Khe "Golf Course" Airfield, Vietnam. This Vietnam scenery includes two airfields: An Khe Airfield and the An Khe "Golf Course" Airfield. An Khe was located at the eastern end of a strategic mountain pass, about midway between Pleiku and Qui Nhon. An Khe Airfield was a US Army facility for fixed wing (prop) aircraft. It had a 4,300' concrete runway. The nearby An Khe "Golf Course" Airfield was a huge helicopter base operated by the 1st Cavalry. Its vast parking area could accommodate several hundred helicopters. Both airfields are a single entry in the FS airport database. The airport code is VVAK. Runway 03/21 is the An Khe airfield and runway 17/35 is the "Golf Course" airfield. George Knowles. 407K
FS2004 Saskatchewan Floatplane Bases . Simple floatplane bases to remedy the lack of FS2004 floatplane facilities in Northern Saskatchewan. These files work with both the default scenery and Dwayne Matheson's LOD8 mesh. Lyle Froese. 288K
FS2004 Dak To Airfield, Vietnam. A model of Dak To Airfield, the scene of several critical battles during the Vietnam War, including the famous Battle of Dak To in late 1967. Like Khe Sanh, Dak To was one of the most primitive and remote airfields in South Vietnam. Dak To sat astride Highway 512, which ran from Laos right into the heart of the central highlands region of South Vietnam. Gaining control of the central highlands was a key objective in Hanoi's plan to conquer the south. Consequently, Dak To was repeatedly attacked by the enemy during the war. This scenery was designed for FS 2002 but it should work in FS 2004. George Knowles. 162K
FS2004 Area 51 Package. Revised Groom lake, Nevada. By Jeff Higgins. 17.5MB
FS2004 Congo's Canyons Scenery These canyons are situated in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and presents a great flying challenge to all flight simmers. I hope you enjoy it immensely! David Ricketts. 1.4MB
FS2004 Gray Army Airfield (KGRF) Ft. Lewis Washington . Description: Construction has changed the face of Gray Army Airfield and the original needed a facelift badly. Until I can figure out how to move, and change objects in FS this is the best i can do. Everything is accurate including parking spaces for Aircraft, including the new parking spaces for 4-6 ACS, and 4/160th. 1MB